Welcome on Board airBaltic Passenger Service Agent

Welcome on Board airBaltic Passenger Service Agent

This is where the adventures start always taking you further to new experiences! A positive attitude is always important… especially towards your colleagues. Remember, we’re all on the same team. First impressions count. Ground handling staff are the first to meet
airBaltic customers – for them we are the face of the company, so
we have to make an excellent impression. Each day is different, as you never know who
you will meet and what challenges might come up. Before I start work, I make sure that all
the customer-facing information about airBaltic is nicely displayed. Good afternoon, madam, young man, hello little traveller! May I have your passports, please? Here you go. I have to check passport validity and visas for your journey The job of a passenger service agent includes
welcoming departing passengers, checking them in, boarding them, as well as greeting passengers
on arrival. I know all the airline procedures off by heart,
and it is my responsibility to explain them to the passengers. PAA: Are there any dangerous goods in your
checked baggage? Women: No, none. PAA: Did you pack the baggage yourself? Are you sure nobody could have interfered
with it since it was packed? Women: Yes, I packed it myself and it has
been with me all the time. PAA: Do you want me to check in the baby buggy? Women: I’d love to take it to the gate if
that’s all right. PAA: Yes, of course. Please leave the buggy at the gate, and my
colleagues will load it into the aircraft. This is your gate. Amd now please proceed to security control to your left and then to gate number B5. Women: OK, thank you! Have a lovely flight! I have to be available to help customers with
anything they may need and to answer all their questions. I like to be useful. And, by the way, you can never smile too much
or be too polite. I always remember that the customer’s experience
of Air Baltic service is determined by my attitude and professionalism. I have the power to set the right mood for
the customers. Before boarding I prepare my workspace, collect
all the information I need about the flight and contact the crew. PAA: Hi!
Stewardess: Hello! We have booked 120 passenegers and one unaccompanied
minor on this flight. We are ready to board, may we start? Stewardesses: Thank you for the information. We are ready to welcome our customers! Thank you. PAA over PA: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Your airBaltic flight BT322 to Tallinn is
ready for boarding. Please proceed to gate C4. We kindly ask Business class passengers and
passengers with small children to proceed to the aircraft at their convenience without
queuing. PAA: Hello! That thing looks really cool, like a small aircraft propeller, right? Unaccompanied minor: Yeah. PAA: Are you excited about your trip? My colleague will help you find your seat
in the cabin. Have a nice flight! PAA: Bye!
Unaccompanied minor: Bye! PAA: Excuse me, but I must ask you to put
all your belongings in one bag. Each passenger may only carry one piece of
hand baggage and one personal item. Lady: Don’t be ridiculous, is that really
neccessary?! PAA: I am very sorry, but these rules apply
to all passengers. Sometimes your customer might not be as friendly
as you would wish. Such situations are part of my job and I pride
myself on handling them professionally. PAA: Good afternoon!
Lady: Hello! PAA:May I have you passport please? PAA: Wonderful, may you hava a nice journey! PAA: All on board. Stewardesses: That’s great, thank you! PAA: Have a safe flight! As part of the airBaltic team we promise
our customers that they will always arrive on time at their destination. There may be irregularities such as bad weather, missed flights, flight cancellations can always happen in the airline business,
and we are there to offer customers help and solutions. It’s a permanent challenge and responsibility,
but that’s what I like about this job. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

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  • I am studying to become a Passenger Service Agent. I'm almost done but just gets so nervous thinking about the day I start work, as I'm a very shy person. I hope this career will give me the confidence i need.

  • airBaltic is an excellent company. Great to fly with you. Me and my wife were on weekend around christmas. We were stunned how rude some people were in Riga. Only friendly people we meet were on airBaltic, the hotel and the airport.

  • Guys this is advertisement.. obviously it is going to be perfectly set..real life is way more harsh and chaotic, but remember to always keep your smile and stay professional!

  • заебёшься за 12 часовую смену каждому идиоту объяснять где гейт, где секьюирити итд. на практике ее улыбка и поведение нихуя не работает, кто пашет на чек ине меня поймут.

  • Her approach towards passengers is very smooth and elegant. I am going to start my career as a customer service agent pretty soon INSAALLAH. I really look forward to this job🙂🙂

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