Welcome to the job interview from hell. Hello reception it’s Esmeralda please call Angela in for her interview. She’s ready? Okay. Your name is? Angela! Nice to meet you. Ok. Please take a seat! Why do you want this job? Because I need the flipping money don’t I? I NEED the money! Ok? Can you […]

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job – LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial

LinkedIn is obviously insanely useful for every working person, not to mention for every job-seeker and student. But using LinkedIn as a job search tool isn’t always obvious to beginners or to casual LinkedIn users. If what you do on LinkedIn is just updating your profile from time to time and waiting for headhunters or […]

Job searching tips and career advice from CV-Library.co.uk

Hi I’m Ben from CV-Library and here are some tips and advice we feel will help you find your next job fast Before you begin your job hunt, you need to make sure that your CV is up to scratch While there’s no proven right or wrong way to present your CV, there are definitely […]

How to upload evidence to add jobs to your job search effort

With just a few clicks you can upload evidence to add one or more jobs to your job search effort. When you apply for a job in person, by email, over the phone or through a website you can add it to your job search effort by uploading evidence. There are many kinds of evidence […]

Azure Migrate: The hub for cloud migration

[MUSIC PLAYING] The benefits of moving to the cloud have been proven again and again. The question now isn’t why to make the move, it’s how do we get there. Microsoft knows migration isn’t easy. But Azure Migrate is here to simplify things. Azure Migrate is your central hub for cloud migration projects. It allows […]

24-Hour Air Conditioning Service Saratoga New York | 800-542-5552

For 24-hour service for your air conditioning, please call Main-Care Energy at 800-542-5552. Main-Care Energy provides 24-hour service that never sleeps. We are always open, seven days a week even holidays and weekends, for all your energy, heating and air conditioning service. We stand ready 24-hours with our employee owners ready to answer your call. […]

Santa Clara: Labor and Delivery Center

Hello and welcome to the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center. The birth of your baby is an exciting time. We will take excellent care of you and your family. Today we’re going to give you a brief tour of our labor and delivery unit, our mother baby unit, and our neonatal intensive care unit. […]

Monitor your workload and environment quickly and easily

Dynamic Workload Console. Monitoring your workload In this video you learn how to: Create and run a query to monitor jobs Share the query with a specific group of users Save the query to the list of available queries and add the Monitor Workload page to the list of startup pages Workload Scheduler offers a […]

Recruiting Station: a New Referral Program with Fresh Rewards!

What do World of Warships players have in common? A passion for the sea, ships, battles, and gifts! Would you like to regularly receive unique containers with rewards and doubloons? Then join the Recruiting Station in World of Warships and invite new or returning players to the game. How to join? The Recruiting Station tab […]

Deliver exceptional customer service with Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Customer Service is quickly becoming the number one factor that can make or brake a brand. Today’s customers demand immediate and intelligent responses to all their requests -whether they choose to engage by phone, text or online. Which is why Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights and Power Virtual Agents are possibly the most impressive things […]

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