Learn English for Call Centers and Customer Service Jobs

Hi. I’m Rebecca from engVid. Being polite is always important, but it’s especially important if you have a job in a call centre or in any customer service oriented position. So, let’s look at what it sounds like when we meet a polite employee and a rude employee, whether it’s on the phone or in […]

Employment and Reasonable Accommodations

Understanding employment and reasonable accommodations Hello I’m Mary, I work for Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities. I want to share information with you about about reasonable accommodations in the workplace. and how you can request them. This information is very general, if you have specific questions about your work environment, we will provide […]

Jobs in Tucson AZ Tucson Jobs

Yo, yo, what’s good Youtube Christopher Ramirez Comin at you with another video? And I know you’re probably searching either on Hulu or YouTube For a job in your local area for some kind of work that you’re looking forward because more than likely struggling to find work Alright um I just want to go […]

Types of Financial Aid: Grants? Scholarships? Student Employment? Loans?

Lehigh University is committed to making a Lehigh education an attainable goal, regardless of your family’s financial situation. There are several types of resources you can utilize to make a Lehigh education more affordable. Grants and scholarships are awarded based on need or merit, and these funds do not need to be repaid. Lehigh provides […]

Fastest Growing Jobs in America – 8 Jobs With Growing Demand

If you’re wondering what jobs are on the rise and have the brightest future, tune in because in this video you’ll learn eight of the fastest-growing occupations and if you want to land a role in one of these positions, stay until the end to find out where you can get a free resume template […]

8 Ways How to Answer: “Why did you leave your last job?” In a Job Interview

Hey everyone, this is Self Made Millennial, I’m Madeline Mann. Today this video is going to be rapid-fire of all the different ways you can respond to the question in an interview, “So why did you leave your previous employer?” I’ll touch on why you voluntarily left, why you were laid off, and why you […]

How To Explain Employment Gaps On Your Resume ITH Staffing

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody. It is Constance with ITH Staffing. How are my job seekers doing this week? I hope you are ready for another fantastic week. So today, I want to talk about gaps of unemployment, and how to structure that within your resume and how to address it during an interview. But […]

Blake’s Job Cracks Tiffany Haddish Up – Kids Say The Darndest Things

I see you got a tie and whatnot. You look like a businessman. I am a businessman. You are?! Yep! What kind of business do you have? I clean bowling balls. Okay. So, you’re a professional bowling ball cleaner. Yes. Now, what exactly do you do in your bowling-ball-cleaning business? I ask, “Would you like […]

Keeping your New Years Resolutions

(music.) Good morning everybody, I’m Olga Villaverde And I’m Amber Milt, welcome to The Balancing Act. It’s time to detox, we’re going to explain how. And finances can be toxic, so finding solutions at the work place can help make a difference, we’ve got more on that. And speaking of money matters, we have tax […]

“Being in the now”, being focused are ways to better play, Miami Hurricane coach says

Because everybody knows what’s best. Everybody knows what’s best, not just for Lo, but for all of the guys. And we talk about being in the now, enjoying what you can control, which is right now, right here. There’s nowhere you can go right now. I can’t transfer at the end of September or October. […]

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