Pending Asylum and Employment Immigration

Good afternoon. My name is Alena Shautsova , I am an Immigration attorney from Brooklyn New York in today’s legally speaking video I would like to talk to you about what you can do if you filed for asylum and now you have an employer who is willing to sponsor you for your green card […]

How to Organize Income & Assets : How to State Assets when Self Employed

Hello, my name is Brett Staggs and on behalf of Expert Village, I am here to show you how to organize your income and assets for a first time home buyer. When applying for your first home loan if you are a self employed person, there is a good chance you may have to state […]

LCIF Empowering Service: See a Brighter Future

[POP MUSIC] Check out our super cool Campaign 100 glasses. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. How cool are these glasses? These are cool. We can see the world through rose-colored glasses here. What is your dream that you would like to achieve with the help of LCIF and Campaign 100? The fight on diabetes. […]

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE Trailer (2017) Miles Teller Drama Movie HD

I rode shotgun in a lead humvee And I looked for bombs. Stop the truck You don’t see the bomb unless they want you to. What you got? Yo I don’t see nothing man You don’t see it, he feels it. I was a good soldier I had purpose, and I loved it You kick […]

Broad Financial – Retirement Plans for the Self Employed

If you work for yourself – you’re used to taking the bull by the horns and getting things done. You run your own business and wear lots of different hats. When it come to your retirement savings Broad Financial provides a platform that lets you supercharge your tax advantaged savings and take full control. Self […]

Build, Deploy and scale apps with Azure App Service

>>Hello and welcome to Microsoft Tech Summit. My name is Jennifer Lee and I’m a Program Manager on Azure App Service. Today, I’m going to be talking about how to build, deploy, and scale web apps on App Service. First, let’s talk about different ways with which you can host your application in the Cloud. […]


Hey guys, So the other day I tacked on the end of a video me playing a game that I’ve wanted to play for ages called Sort The Court and it’s a game where you become either the king or the queen of a land and then you have to answer yes or no questions […]

How to become a real estate agent in Dubai. Jobs in UAE 2018.

hi guys you are watching Oksy vlogs if this is your first time here and you would like to know more information about life in Dubai don’t forget to hit subscribe button and the notification icon so you won’t miss anything if you are subscribed to my channel you’ve noticed that I’ve been sharing a […]

If Retail Workers Were Honest

– Hi, how are you? – Good, thanks. – How am I? I’ve been standing for eight hours and I’m in a terrible mood (laughs). My dog died. – It looks like you erased the entire contents of your phone but sure, I’ll take responsibility. – I’m saying I need to go in the back […]

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