Impact with • Our Artisan Partners (Introducing the Woven Throw Blanket) • pt. 1/3

My dream was to collect people in my family just to give them the best lives. So just because of this, you guys, I am getting this I am able to do this Thanks a lot for that My name is Jyoti and I’ve been working with CAUSEBOX three years and hopefully I will work […]

Employment success

There are 140,000 blind and partially sighted people of working age in the UK, 66% of whom are unemployed. Action for Blind People believes employment is pivotal in enabling visually impaired people to be independent. It was a bit of a shock because I had gone from – my eyesight was never brilliant but it […]

VLOG – Stacey Connor on employment services and Signs Restaurant

Hello, my name is Stacey Connor, and I am an Employment Specialist here at the Canadian Hearing Society, CHS. You know that the International Week of the Deaf, IWD, is happening soon, and what’s very exciting, because one of the events will be an opportunity to come together with employers and the community to talk […]

Gov. Asa Hutchinson Talks about Jobs for People with Disabilities in Arkansas

RESPECTABILITY: Governor, why is it important for people with disabilities to work? What are you doing about that? GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON: Because everybody, no matter of the disability or not, has a desire to work, a desire to contribute and to be meaningful in life and everyone is entitled to that. You want to give […]

Work For Self | Self Employment Work Inspiration

A Great Way To Find A Job In Israel

So good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you. I hope you’re having a wonderful afternoon. I hope everything’s going lovely with you. I hope you’re having a beautiful morning, and I would like to say thank you for joining me on this journey today. Let’s get into it. I want to talk with […]

Haiti Aid Worker Diaries | World Humanitarian Day 2013

Male Reporter: Haiti has been hit by a major earthquake. Female Reporter: The devastation is unimaginable here in Port-au-Prince. This is a horrible disaster that affected the vast majority of the population. You see you even have to kind of sometimes into little alleyways you know it’s… this is a makeshift camp that sort of […]

Human Rights Video: Worker’s Rights

Hey, Kid! Come on, Come on. Hey, hey, wait up. There’s a mistake, I earned more than this. Seems okay to me kid, maybe you should check your math. Hi there. Hi boss. Let’s see what you got. Maybe you should check yours.

Business owner makes money by hiring disabled workers

One look at Clint, Tawnya and Prya and you can tell they are not your typical Tim Hortons employees. You may even think..token hires? Think AGAIN. They are the unexpected boom to this business’ bottom line. They are proof..there is a HUGE return on disability. Mark Wafer owns seven Tim Hortons franchises in Toronto. Eighteen […]

I Wanna Be a Social Worker · A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get tough and for some people those tough times are far harder than those of the average person. Times where people can feel alone or as if they have nowhere else to turn. Social workers are unique group of people who help those who feel helpless. People dealing with […]

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