The Service Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD

PEGGY MORAN: Service dogs can be very helpful for people with PTSD. They are doing an important job. ERIC CARLSON: 1Pet1Vet was started in 2013 by an Afghanistan vet named Joe Trainer Junior. ERIC CARLSON: He had this idea of helping veterans that were dealing with different issues whether they were physical or mental through […]

Customer Service

Great customer service can mean the difference between a ‘good’ experience and a GREAT experience! Everyone seems to have their own stories to tell about that ‘unhelpful store associate’, or that ‘clumsy waiter’, etc. But I think these people have kind of a bad rep. Put yourself in those people’s shoes for a second. They’re […]

Advocates Deaf Services Employment

Our Deaf Services program is always looking for potential staff who value working in the human services field and directly with deaf individuals. Having access to communication is important to us here, and we want to break down communication barriers. Working with hearing people who don’t know sign language or Deaf Culture isn’t a part […]

bta Sales TV | Bobbi Williams | Job of the Week | QLD BDM Fire Protection

Bobbi from bta Sales here with my Job of the Week. I’m looking for a business development manager in Queensland, to join a manufacturer of high-quality fire protection products. There’s a great base salary on offer with uncapped commissions that can see you earning in excess of $150k. You’ll be targeting fire engineers, architects, and […]

Job Roles For DATA ENTRY OPERATOR – Entry Level,DataBase,Arts,Science,WPM, Data Management

Hello All, This is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers Today I will be talking to you about the Job role of a DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Now should you really take up this as your career ? one must be wondering Lets find out the answer for all your […]

ACE Transition Program – The Coffee Shop

I actually feel nervous right now running this cash register so I haven’t been able to do it for a while. So I’m still trying to pick it up. So we’re teaching them basically the same thing they’re learning in class Like we’re talking about being productive at work, having good workplace social skills, but […]

Participant Employment Strategy Launch

We’re here today launching the national disability employment strategy With the goal to get about 45,000 people with a disability into paid work over the next three years. Today’s a really good opportunity that people are recognising that employment is important for people with disabilities. My goal is to obtain part-time open employment, on an […]

Webinar #1 Innovation to inclusion (i2i): presenting the programme

Good morning or good afternoon. I’m pleased you could join us today. I’m Marion Steff and I work for the European Disability Forum. We’re a regional organization of persons with disabilities, a DPO, and we are based in Belgium. I’m here with my colleagues Raquel, Loredana and Lucía and they’ll be supporting the logistics of […]

How to automatically fill out your expense data for your HMRC Self Assessment with 1tap receipts

filling out your self assessment form can be tricky especially when it comes to making sure everything lines up with your books with 1Tap Receipts we have an HMRC section built right into the app you can review all of your expense data as well as export it into a prefilled self assessment form then […]

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