Was My £10,000 Nose Job Really Worth Doing?

So I am currently in London and I’m actually doing this video as I’m wrapping up my travels here. For those of you who do not know and who do not follow me on Instagram yet, make sure to follow. I am studying image consulting in London, well actually, I just finished my studies. I […]


Hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another day in my life now today’s day in my life is extra-special because this is actually the day before I went into labor. Leading all the way up until like hours before I went into labor so it turned out to be fun […]

Workload Rap Battle

Morning, gang How was the weekend? It was nice! It was actually… it was pretty slow, y’know? It was actually good to have a break for a change God, lucky you I was all over the place this weekend with side projects Boy, that must be nice I take so much work home with me […]

Lindsey & Bret tell Charley’s birth story (the beautiful roller coaster story)

– So today, we’re gonna talk about Charley’s story. It is a beautiful roller coaster story, yeah. (upbeat instrumental music) So we were shipping orders, and then Charley started moving, there she goes again, a lot. And so we had to sit down for a second. Is my belly big? And I think– – We’re […]

The Hidden Reality of Labor Trafficking in the U.S. | “Trafficked in America” | FRONTLINE

This is where the traffickers forced the Guatemalan teens to work off their debts.>>(speaking Spanish):>>ALTAN: This man says he worked with the teens at Trillium.>>(speaking Spanish):>>ALTAN: In October 2014, after four months at Trillium, one of the teens managed to call his uncle in Florida. The uncle agreed to talk to us, but was afraid […]

Be. Employed – ACC Internship

I think creating a more accessible environment is one of the greatest challenges but also one of the greatest opportunities to New Zealanders. If you have a disability, your skills your personality everything about you is unique. And it’s good to bring uniqueness into your every day environment. Be. Accessible is a social change agency […]

Rape, harassment and retaliation in the U.S. Forest Service: Women firefighters tell their stories

JUDY WOODRUFF: As the MeToo movement has grown to include problems in government, we have an exclusive investigation tonight about the U.S. Forest Service and allegations of longtime sexual misconduct and gender discrimination within the agency. From its inception in 1905, the Forest Service has been a male-dominated field. Even today, women make up only […]

Employment success

There are 140,000 blind and partially sighted people of working age in the UK, 66% of whom are unemployed. Action for Blind People believes employment is pivotal in enabling visually impaired people to be independent. It was a bit of a shock because I had gone from – my eyesight was never brilliant but it […]

Tesla Service Problems – Growing Pains

My First Tesla Service Experience So right before I went on my holiday road trip I had my first experience with Tesla Service. What happened? How’d it go? Well, the end result was exactly what I wanted, but it wasn’t without a few hiccups. This is a little bit of a different type of video […]

The Disappeared Trans Sex Workers Of El Salvador

– [Voiceover] La Cuki Alarcon was late to work on the night that his roommate disappeared, which is why he’s still around to tell what happened. Outsiders called them all homosexuals, but the sex workers, some who lived as women all the time, others who dressed as women, primarily on the job, called each other […]

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