First winter self employed ?

What about you, this is Robbie from premier lawns – just a quick video and I recently received an email from somebody that’s struggling there were what to do coming into in the winter. Now I do plan on doing more in-depth videos On marketing and how to promote yourself in different ways to and […]

🐶 Service Dog Wakes Me Up From Low Blood Sugar! 😱 (5/28/17)

But she was nudging and placing her head firmly on me, and that’s what woke me up to check my blood sugar /* Music Intro */ We’re going on an adventure! Ah you got FREEZING cold hands! *laughter* /* Music Intro Continues */ Good Sunday morning everyone. Judd has work today, But he’s actually here […]

Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020(To get job)

today i want to tell about top 3 programming language of 2020 so that you can grow your career and get hike or get new job and get hike or get new job number 3 in the list is java script number 3 in the list is java script because 95 percent people use it […]

BACKPACKER 🚜 FARM JOBS IN AUSTRALIA✔Farm Work Adventure – Worldtravel Vlog#30 Weltreise

and Ramona what are you doing today? stick picking Wouter! wooow you don’t want to see that what? film underneath here what’s there? spiderwebs a few shit ah i clean it so we did work now 9 days in a row and today is our first day off and now we are all together with […]

Nicola Martin -Principal, Employment Group, McCabe Curwood. Underpayment of Wages

Hello and welcome to the December edition of McCabe Curwood’s Workplace Dynamics vlog. For those of you new to this vlog, I’m Nicola Martin and I am the Principal of the Employment group at McCabe Curwood. In a recent vlog, I spoke about underpayments, or “wage theft” as it is now commonly referred to, and […]

🐕 Service Dog Makes Hilarious Mistake! 😂 (7/6/17)

Harlow… Harlow this is Ranch We’re going on an adventure! Ah you’ve got FREEZING cold hands! Good Thursday morning everyone. I had a rough night My pain had been getting worse and worse throughout the day yesterday and then by the time we were going to bed I felt like my body was just going […]

OCT. 2018 – CMHC helps the SELF EMPLOYED Get Mortgages! – Keepin’ It Realtor with Brad McCallum

– Hey, are you one of those self- employed Canadians who tried to get a mortgage and got turned down? Did the banks tell you: – No! No! No! No! – Buying a home while being self-employed just got easier. But understanding if these new CMHC changes apply to you, though, has not. That’s why […]

Self-employed (autónomo) in Spain. My first impressions!

Hi ladies and gents. Long time no speak! Just taking a quick break up on the terrace enjoying some of the Catalonia autumn. It’s still about 15 degrees here – goes up a bit at midday and drops at night obviously, averaging about 15 degrees here at the moment and it’s blue skies and pretty […]

Our Service Dogs Went On A Date! (live footage) W/ Stella & Drew Lynch!

*Music* M: Hey guys, it’s Molly here again for another video and I have this human here with me. D: Meow M: Right, you probably don’t know who he is because he’s really irrelevant and unimportant but he is a good friend of mine and his name is Drew. Isn’t that right? D: I don’t […]


Nice What’d they say? Oh, my god.. The secret service is at our house. yo.. GOOD MORNING LAS VEGAS! How are you guys How are you guys? How are you guys? Yo, check out this view! OOOOOOO Another day, another grind session 2020 Olympics, we’re in Vegas But we gotta get it son! Kade’s at […]

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