50 Inch Booty: Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel

Patricia: Some pictures were posted on Instagram. That next morning my followers tripled! MAN: Dear me, how’d you do it girl?! COMM: Patricia Washington has fans flocking whenever she flaunts her 50 inch booty. COMM: And the 31-year-old dreams of leaving her tough day job in the steel mill to pursue modelling full time. Patricia: […]

CAREERS IN BDS – MDS,P.Hd,Consultant,Medical Institutions,Research Centre’s,Hospitals

Hello all this is raisa george from freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in BDS Where in today going in for medical or engineering as a career is growing, but being a dental surgeon is now the choice of many people around. […]

Joint Cases – Workers’ Compensation and Car Accidents

Hi, this is David Henson with HensonFuerst Attorneys in North Carolina. I had an interesting case this morning, involving a man who was driving a delivery truck for his employer� when he was seriously injured in an automobile wreck. He required surgery for his injuries, and will likely be out of work for more than […]

Human Rights Video: Worker’s Rights

Hey, Kid! Come on, Come on. Hey, hey, wait up. There’s a mistake, I earned more than this. Seems okay to me kid, maybe you should check your math. Hi there. Hi boss. Let’s see what you got. Maybe you should check yours.

CAREERS IN M.COM – B.Com,Budget Analyst,Junior Accountant,Teaching,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

HELLO all,this is Raisa George from Freshersworld.com.Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in M.com Commerce is one of the most admired academic courses in India. It is even among the course stream offered at high school, other than science and humanities. Students, who aspire […]

The Service Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD

PEGGY MORAN: Service dogs can be very helpful for people with PTSD. They are doing an important job. ERIC CARLSON: 1Pet1Vet was started in 2013 by an Afghanistan vet named Joe Trainer Junior. ERIC CARLSON: He had this idea of helping veterans that were dealing with different issues whether they were physical or mental through […]

If Retail Workers Were Honest

– Hi, how are you? – Good, thanks. – How am I? I’ve been standing for eight hours and I’m in a terrible mood (laughs). My dog died. – It looks like you erased the entire contents of your phone but sure, I’ll take responsibility. – I’m saying I need to go in the back […]

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