Most Dangerous Military / Army Jobs

For countries like the US, serving in the military can be a great way to earn some really good benefits. You can have access to free health care- worth the risk alone if you live in the US and its insane health care costs- as well as earn tens of thousands of dollars for your […]

Inspiring 16-Year-Old Lands Chief Of Police Job For A Day

– In honor of International Women’s Day we’re highlighting stories of young girls daring to dream big. My next guest can certainly relate, she’s a high school junior, who dreams of rising to the top of the ranks in law enforcement. Please welcome 16 year old Jordan y’all come on. (audience cheering and clapping) So, […]

Job Roles For Technical Support – BPO,MNC’s,Customer Service,Help Desk

Hello all this is Apoorva from welcome to our video channel of Jobs and Careers Today i will be talking to you about a Job Role of a Technical suppport Technical support specialist has been one of the huge growing career paths these days. Candidates getting to career in technical support can read through […]

Let’s employ a lot of people – Joseph Bunga | Fuckup Nights Harare

you know I remember I bumped into taka for the first time in first you know a fantastic job getting back up going I think anyone who puts an effort into putting up going really amazing job please keep going incredible thing you guys are doing so anyway I bumped into at an event and […]

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