We Tried A Vegan Delivery Service That Costs $18K Per Year

Over the course of a year, this vegan delivery service would cost me more than $18,000, and that doesn’t even include weekends. Now in the past, I’ve done some of these vegan lifestyle diets where I had to cook my own food and prepare every meal, and I just didn’t have the time for it. […]

How To Explain Employment Gaps On Your Resume ITH Staffing

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody. It is Constance with ITH Staffing. How are my job seekers doing this week? I hope you are ready for another fantastic week. So today, I want to talk about gaps of unemployment, and how to structure that within your resume and how to address it during an interview. But […]

Aoife Doyle, Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme, Irish Research Council

My name is Aoife Doyle. And I’m currently undertaking a PhD with the Irish Research Council – employment-based scheme and as part of that I work with a planning and research consultancy called future analytics. I definitely thought about the traditional PhD route, But I thought that one of the main benefits of the employment […]

Champions of Change: White House Disability Employment

Liza Heyman: My name’s Liza Heyman. I run the Champions of Change Program here in the Office of Public Engagement. (applause) Thanks for being here. Applause for you guys. First I just want to say thank you so much, thank you to our champions for the work that you do, for traveling across the country, […]

Employment Relations Amendment Bill – Third Reading – Video 10

no doubt at all mr. Chia am I called Denise Lee five minutes what an extraordinary contribution from the Honorable Willie Jackson who the first part of that reference to his name I struggle to endorse given that he has supposed to speak on behalf of the multi nation and reference to my colleague who […]

Thinking An Acting Career Is Tough Is Naive | The Real Actors Life 006

Hey guys! It’s been a while, been a couple of weeks. I kind of got caught up with life a little bit but now I’m back and whilst the last few weeks were going by I kinda had a realisation that I have just passed, quite recently, the 2,500 day mark of being a professional […]

Break Times in Ontario | Toronto Employment Lawyers

– Hi, my name is Steve Wolpert. I’m a partner at Whitten & Lublin. I’m here with my colleague, Athan Makrinos, and we’re here today to talk to you about an employee’s rights to eating periods. So Athan, can you give us a quick rundown of an employee’s rights? – Sure, Steve. Under the Employment […]

ACHIEVA Partnerships Improve Employment Outcomes

When people think of community they think of lots of different kinds of people living and working together and supporting one another so that everyone can be successful. The ACHIEVA staff are tireless champions of the program participants. They’re advocates for our students, they’re constantly encouraging everyone’s individual abilities and they’re really looking to create […]

AC Hub Roadshow – Employment Support Centre

[Jumping Jacks] Hi everyone my name is Geoffrey Kasonde and i’m back for another episode of the AC Hub Roadshow. On this episode of the roadshow we’re going to be talking to students to find out what they know about the job hunting process. I’m going to give you tools, tips and tricks and find […]

The Social Security Earnings Limit

Thank you for joining us for another edition of Social Security Intelligence. There’s lots of confusion about what happens when you work and draw Social Security. I want to help you clear it all up. Broadly speaking, if you work and claim Social Security benefits at the same time, part or all of your payments […]

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