Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

When I was growing up, my father was an attorney. And I would come home from school, approximately two p.m. in the afternoon, and he’d be in the swimming pool. I said, “Dad, why are you swimming in the swimming pool?” He says, “I’m self-employed. “I can do what I want to do, “and it’s […]

LSC A2J Forum on How Expungements Affect Employment

[APPLAUSE] It’s my privilege this morning to moderate our panel on how expungements affect employment. And as I thought about it, this panel could probably more aptly be called How Expungement Affect Life. We are fortunately joined today by four experts on this topic, and I’ll start from my far left. Jessica Beheydt graduated from […]

The Value of Complementary Coworkers

So at the Growth Lab we are very interested in understanding why some countries are richer than others; why some cities grow faster than others; what is it that makes people productive. That’s the essential question that we’re- trying to ask. Now one of the things that we started looking at was how people actually […]

15 Most Haunted Places in the World

Welcome to! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Hello Aluxers and welcome back for a paranormal episode. It’s Halloween! Ok, maybe not, it’s more like Christmas but it’ll definitely feel like Halloween with our topic today. Scary stories never go out of style […]

Does Substance Trump Form in Your Marketing and Brand Building? Don’t Make This Mistake

back in May of this year may 2019 there was a controversy surrounding the vinegar Ltd Maria Bailey and the fact that she had brought a personal injury claim arising from falling off a swing in the hotel in Dublin clearly the controversy at the time arose around the fact that the finial party of […]

Top Employment Law Tips And Advice When Facing Redundancy

Clients can react very differently to news that they’re being made redundant. For some they may be delighted that the opportunity to move on somewhere else, for some others it may be absolutely devastating news in terms of uncertainty and what do they do next. Also employers can handle the redundancy process very differently. For […]

DEI – Assistive Technology for Training and Employment

Carolyn Phillips: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Assistive Technology for Training and Employment webinar. This is part of our Disability Employment Initiative webinar series. We’re so glad that you’re with us today. We are here at Georgia Tech in the College of Design at the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation. This is part of […]

NCBI Minute: New Variation Services for Normalizing, Remapping, and Annotating Variants

So, the full title of this webinar is New Variation Services for Normalizing, Remapping, and Annotating Variants . As I said, I am Peter Cooper from the customer service part of NCBI. You can write to me [email protected] Lon Phan is also here with me, he is the head of dbSNP. Rana Morris is also […]

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