Learning from dirty jobs | Mike Rowe

The “Dirty Jobs” crew and I were called to a little town in Colorado, called Craig. It’s only a couple dozen square miles. It’s in the Rockies. And the job in question was sheep rancher. My role on the show, for those of you who haven’t seen it — it’s pretty simple. I’m an apprentice, […]

Inspiring 16-Year-Old Lands Chief Of Police Job For A Day

– In honor of International Women’s Day we’re highlighting stories of young girls daring to dream big. My next guest can certainly relate, she’s a high school junior, who dreams of rising to the top of the ranks in law enforcement. Please welcome 16 year old Jordan y’all come on. (audience cheering and clapping) So, […]

Disney Launches Streaming Service

-Well, today, most of the country was hit with snow, ice, and record low temperatures. Yep, millions of Americans woke up this morning like, “Damn, this promotion for ‘Frozen 2’ is nuts.” Yeah, almost 70% of the country got hit with an arctic blast. You know it’s cold when they start describing the weather with […]

Over 330 Abortion Workers Left Industry Because Of This Group

Some of these strongest voices against the abortion industry are the very people who used to work in them. Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson has been one of those brave outspoken voices, and for our “Pro-Life Focus” segment this week, we introduce you to more abortion workers she helped make the pro-life jump. “Anytime […]

Student Employment Carnival | OFFICE HOURS

The reason it’s really important to recognize and celebrate our student employees because they do a lot for our college campus. So I think it’s always important to recognize those students who are hard working who go above and beyond. And it’s. Nice as a student employee to be recognized for your work as well. […]

Caller: The Hard to Employ Should work for Less…

Tom in Tucson Arizona hey Tom what’s on your mind I disagree with you tom I think about 11 who all has difficulty getting employment shoot the able within the law to negotiate a shell minimum wage just again employment well nevermind fifteen dollars an hour every teacher every hard to employ BBC blues in […]

Chrissy Metz’s Pre-Fame Job Is Kelly’s ‘Personal Hell’

– Thank you again for doing my pilot. You did me a solid. Nobody ever sees the pilot so you did it just to be kind. – No, I, cause I love you. – [Kelly] You’re nice. – I think you’re fantastic. – [Kelly] Well, I love you too. – And it was a year […]

Thank You Notes: Mueller Report, Room Service

-If you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d just like to write out my weekly thank-you notes right now. Is that okay with you, guys? [ Cheers and applause ] James, can I get some thank-you-note-writing music, please? [ Soft music plays ] He’s the best. -Wow. Best in the biz, man. -He’s best in the biz, […]

Taystee Wins The Job Fair | Orange Is the New Black | Netflix

And now Mr. Slovin will “interview” two “prospective employees”. Many lessons to be learned here, ladies. Please pay close attention. Hello, and thank you for coming in today. Well, hello to you, too. Hello, and thank you so much for taking the time to see me today. The best boss I ever had? I would […]

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