Why have I been sent a tax return?

You’ll usually be sent to tax return if you’re registered a self-employed but there are plenty of other reasons why you may need to fill when in you can check if you need to fill in a self-assessment tax return quickly and easily on gov.uk using the link at the end of this video it’s […]

Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses : Schedule E Tax Tips

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent. We’re going to talk now about foreign income. And I’m talking about here, income where you’ve paid tax in another country because you were paid in that country’s currency. I have a baseball liaison guy as part of my practice and he’s paid in yen, he works for Japan. […]

Ministers & Clergy Tax Rules (1/4)

Thank you for joining us today on ministers and clergy tax rules, we’re going to go ahead and dive in. You’re welcome to read a little bit about me if you wish but the main part of what we want to get through because we have so much to cover in this course, is all […]

Tax Deduction Tips : Interest Income Tax Tips

Hi, back again, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent, and I’m going to talk a little bit about…oh…wait a minute…I’ll be darned. We’ve got a little email here that’s asking a question about interest income. “What do I put on my worksheet?” And, I do have some notes here. You want to make sure that you […]

Tax helpline self employed | London advisor on HMRC payment plans

Hi. This is Muhammad, again, from IBISS & CO LTD. Today, we would like to discuss the issues of late payment in terms of tax liabilities, as well as submission of late tax returns. Let’s say if you’re in the situation whereby you haven’t submitted your tax returns and you are facing penalties, or you […]

Self Employed Income and deductions – Taxes are Simple E6

What’s up everyone? Today I will be talking about self-employed income, expenses, and taxes. (soft music) My name is Josh Alballero, CEO of IOOGO, the creators of IOOGO Tax. Taxes can be complicated, but with the help of technology, filing your taxes can be simple. Don’t be afraid. File your taxes online or on your […]

IRS Offers Tips for Teenage Taxpayers with Summer Jobs

Students and teenagers often get summer jobs. This is a great way to earn extra spending money or to save for later. The IRS offers a few tax tips for taxpayers with a summer job: Withholding and Estimated Tax. Students and teenage employees normally have taxes withheld from their paychecks by the employer. Some workers […]

6 Tax Planning Questions for Canadian Musicians | Crowe Soberman

The music industry in Canada has never been stronger with increased digital consumption, growing live music attendance and a new class of emerging artists. If you’re a performing artist, composer or producer in Canada, do you know about all of the tax deductions available to you? Here are six important questions you need to ask […]

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