IRS Offers Tips for Teenage Taxpayers with Summer Jobs

Students and teenagers often get summer jobs. This is a great way to earn extra spending money or to save for later. The IRS offers a few tax tips for taxpayers with a summer job: Withholding and Estimated Tax. Students and teenage employees normally have taxes withheld from their paychecks by the employer. Some workers […]

6 Tax Planning Questions for Canadian Musicians | Crowe Soberman

The music industry in Canada has never been stronger with increased digital consumption, growing live music attendance and a new class of emerging artists. If you’re a performing artist, composer or producer in Canada, do you know about all of the tax deductions available to you? Here are six important questions you need to ask […]

Tax Facts: Starting your first job

Well done, you’ve got that job! It could be your first job, a summer holiday job, or a Saturday job, Whichever it is, it’s great news. Your first step into the world of work and some welcome cash. There are lots of things to think about. Have I got the right clothes? The right equipment? […]

Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses : Business Gifts in Tax Deductions

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent and this comes up all the time, people like to complain, “Why am I paying tax on my state income tax refund?” Well that’s an honest lament. But what the truth is is that you can deduct everything that’s held out of your check and (any) anything you paid […]

How to automatically share your expense data and receipts with your accountant with 1tap receipts

do you hate rushing around to find all your receipts and then processing them in the last hour for your accountant? with 1Tap Receipts you’ll never have to do that again you can share all of your expense data in real time with your accountant just enter the four digit accountant code given to you […]

Sort your Self Assessment with FreeAgent

For many freelancers and small business owners the Self Assessment tax return is an annual source of stress and worry. For sole traders and directors of limited companies FreeAgent can help take the pain and hassle out of Self Assessment. FreeAgent uses the invoices, Expenses and bank transactions that you enter throughout the year to […]

How much tax will I pay? UK tax advice for Business Owners

Hi, I’m Graham from Inca Chartered Accountants. One of the questions we get asked most frequently from our clients — “How much tax will I pay?” Well, as soon as your accounts are done we will know to the penny, but of course that may happen several months after your financial year end. And it’s […]

How to set up your payroll for the new tax year

Are you an employer running payroll and operating PAYE? You need to make sure your payroll software and employee payroll records are ready for the new tax year starting on 6 April. Your payroll software should be updated so it uses the latest rates and thresholds for Income Tax, National Insurance, and student loan repayments. […]

Solo 401k – 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Use the Solo 401k | Mark J Kohler

Hey mark Kohler here CPA attorney best-selling author radio show host all about the American Dream Making money saving money helping your business. Go to the next level. We got to talk about the solo 401k They’re amazing. And I want to give you five benefits to a solo 401k explain what they’re about and […]

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