Mature-age worker engagement

Here’s some great news: People are living longer and healthier lives! But we’re likely to spend a big chunk of that extra time at WORK. In most developed countries, people of “working age” contribute funds that support the people who have retired. But as the population ages, there are fewer and fewer working age people […]

I Wanna Be a Social Worker · A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get tough and for some people those tough times are far harder than those of the average person. Times where people can feel alone or as if they have nowhere else to turn. Social workers are unique group of people who help those who feel helpless. People dealing with […]

Biblical Ignorance in High Places (Mark 12:18-27)

Well, let’s open the Word of God again to Mark chapter 12. The only thing better than doing this twice a day would be doing it three, four, five times a day, or maybe all day. We’re back in the twelfth chapter of Mark and the text that we were looking at this morning occurred […]

Enterprising Research: Socially inclusive employment practices

The creative industries contribute 86 billion dollars to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. That’s more than the transport industry or the welfare sector. Our research project is looking into socially inclusive employment practices in Australia’s Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The lack of employment diversity in the creative industries is an important issue, and has been […]

Study Support Service (NIHR Clinical Research Network)

The NIHR Clinical Research Network supports the development, setup and delivery of high quality research in England. We already provide added value to the research community through a range of guidance and procedures to support study delivery in the NHS and other health and social care settings. The CRN Study Support Service will bring these […]

Virtual Open Day – Careers and Employment

(upbeat music) – So at the University of Derby we’re very proud of the fact that our students leave us actually ready for the real world of work. We’ve got a very full programme for the students if they want to engage with the Careers Service. We do that by offering them work experience, internships, […]

Studies show wide gap between female employment rate in S. Korea and other advanced countries

now despite the continued improvement in the employment index of women here in South Korea over the past 10 years studies show there’s still a wide gap between the level of women’s economic participation an employment rate here in South Korea compared to other advanced countries around the world this is according to the Korea […]

Baasit Siddiqui – All things career, networking and social media

hi I’m with Baasit today from Siddiqui Education do you want to tell me a little bit about yourself Baasit? yeah sure so I’m the director of Siddiqui Education it’s an educational business and I go into schools and deliver workshops for disadvantaged students the main one I’m delivering at the moment is called ‘Let’s […]

Is self-employment for you?

did you know that their own four and a half million small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK and over 95 percent of those a micro businesses employing fewer than 10 people research shows that a new business startup every minute in the UK with 1000 starting up every year in Wales and you know […]

Jobs and Occupations: English Vocabulary

Empregos e profissões bombeiro(a) carteiro polícia, policial juiz, juíza agricultor(a) pescador mineiro (a) motorista de autocarro/de ônibus professor(a) estudante bibliotecário (a) padeiro (a) chefe de cozinha garçonete, empregada de mesa piloto (a) aeromoça, hospedeira de bordo médico (a) enfermeiro (a) dentista paramédico (a) farmacêutico(a) veterinário (a) salva-vidas arquiteto (a) pedreiro (a) trabalhador (a) da construção […]

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