The Smart Car Failed In The US, Now It’s Betting On China

Created by a Swiss watch company and a German automaker, the tiny Smart car was meant to be a revolutionary new idea in urban mobility. But more than 20 years after its creation, the Smart car is struggling. Its parent, the massive German automaker Daimler, doesn’t report Smart’s finances, but analysts estimate the brand is […]

What Will Animals On Earth Be Like In 1,000 Years From Now?

The pages of science fiction imagine huge spaceships in which our descendants will travel around the galaxy in comfort. “Smart” houses on Earth will select the ideal temperature for people, do the cleaning, order food and prepare dinner. They will even have the ability to repair themselves in case of failure. Unmanned vehicles will calculate […]

SmartServ – The Smart choice of every Service Contractor

Service Contractors are being powered by SmartServ’s cloud-based platform to fuel efficiency and provide a targeted workflow for every job and family-owned 2-technician businesses to corporations with 50+ technicians, we have everything you need from the point of an incoming service call, to the job being completed and payment credited to your bank account… All […]

Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko – On My Way

I’m sorry but Don’t wanna talk I need a moment before i go It`s nothing personal I draw the blinds They don’t need to see me cry Cause even if they understand They don’t understand So then when I’m finished I’m all ‘bout my business And ready to save the world I’m takin my misery […]

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