Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

When I was growing up, my father was an attorney. And I would come home from school, approximately two p.m. in the afternoon, and he’d be in the swimming pool. I said, “Dad, why are you swimming in the swimming pool?” He says, “I’m self-employed. “I can do what I want to do, “and it’s […]

SheLift, #SelfEmployed Episode 2

Does Substance Trump Form in Your Marketing and Brand Building? Don’t Make This Mistake

back in May of this year may 2019 there was a controversy surrounding the vinegar Ltd Maria Bailey and the fact that she had brought a personal injury claim arising from falling off a swing in the hotel in Dublin clearly the controversy at the time arose around the fact that the finial party of […]

First winter self employed ?

What about you, this is Robbie from premier lawns – just a quick video and I recently received an email from somebody that’s struggling there were what to do coming into in the winter. Now I do plan on doing more in-depth videos On marketing and how to promote yourself in different ways to and […]

How to Read a Profit and Loss Statement for Small Businesses

Ace and Kind, #SelfEmployed Episode 1

Sort your Self Assessment with FreeAgent

For many freelancers and small business owners the Self Assessment tax return is an annual source of stress and worry. For sole traders and directors of limited companies FreeAgent can help take the pain and hassle out of Self Assessment. FreeAgent uses the invoices, Expenses and bank transactions that you enter throughout the year to […]

What are the different sections of the Self Assessment tax return?

Hi, I’m Emily Coltman, I’m chief accountant to FreeAgent where we make online accounting software for small businesses. So, what are the different parts of a Self Assessment tax return? Well, every tax return is made up a main return, and then sets of supplementary pages. The main return contains information about common types of […]

Girl Get Glamorous, #SelfEmployed Episode 1

Ace and Kind, #SelfEmployed Episode 2

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