How to use Service Broker to scale out SQL Server database applications

Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you to Service Broker, which is a suite of features in SQL Server that provides transactional messaging and queuing services. Using these features can allow applications to scale up or out, they can take advantage of asynchronous processing, and they can even improve system reliability, depending on the […]

Sesame Street: Gina Explains Service Dogs

GINA: Give. Good boy. Yes, yes, yes. ELMO: Gina! Hi, Gina. GINA: Hi. Hello. ELMO: What kind of job is this dog doing? GINA: Oh. Well, this is Hercules, and Hercules is a service dog. ELMO: Hi, Hercules. Hi. Boy, that sounds important. What’s a service dog? GINA: Oh. A service dog is a dog […]

BMW X1 E84 service reminder reset

Hi! Today we are in BMW X1 (the E84 model) and I’m going to show you how to reset the service reminders in this car. So what you can do is put the key in the ignition, turn the ignition on, wait few seconds just for the warnings to disappear. If you have any warnings […]

Kindergartener’s Version of a Public Service Announcement

You cannot stop a tornado. You cannot shift its direction. A tornado is a force of nature. But so are you. If you find yourself in the path of severe weather, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself and your family. Immediately go to shelter. And then, with a text, a status update or […]

Overview of Service Animals

>>ANN DESCHAMPS: Welcome to a conversation about service animals. My name is Ann Deschamps and I am joined by Nancy Horton. We are from the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center and together we are going to talk about what the Americans with Disabilities Act says about service animals. We know the ADA is a comprehensive piece of […]

Royal Enfield Bullet बड़ा दुख देती है 💥 | After Market Service Cost + Buying New Cycle

Hello Brothers, I am Arun Panwar After Market Service Cost + Buying New Cycle Today we will get our electra serviced First we will get cash out of ATM Asking for the price of Servicing He is quoting a price of Rs. 1300 for basic service Asking for the Motul engine oil After Market Service […]

Tax Deduction Tips for Businesses : Business Gifts in Tax Deductions

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent and this comes up all the time, people like to complain, “Why am I paying tax on my state income tax refund?” Well that’s an honest lament. But what the truth is is that you can deduct everything that’s held out of your check and (any) anything you paid […]

Meet the Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365

The Customer Service Hub in Dynamics 365 helps Customer Service representatives and managers monitor their workload to get a unified view of service issues, so that they can provide faster resolutions for customers. Check out dashboards to view your most important data in one place. Select from the list of dashboards available for your role. […]


Nice What’d they say? Oh, my god.. The secret service is at our house. yo.. GOOD MORNING LAS VEGAS! How are you guys How are you guys? How are you guys? Yo, check out this view! OOOOOOO Another day, another grind session 2020 Olympics, we’re in Vegas But we gotta get it son! Kade’s at […]

Customer Service (Ep. 2) | Awkward Puppets

[PHONE RINGING]>>DIEGO: Customer service.>>SARAH: Hi, something’s wrong with my computer.>>DIEGO: Yeah, okay. What seems to be the problem ma’am?>>SARAH: Well for some reason I can’t connect to the internet.>>DIEGO: Um, okay.>>SARAH: Can you help me fix it?>>DIEGO: Why don’t you just do something else? Like watch TV or something.>>SARAH: Um, because I want to use […]

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