Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

When I was growing up, my father was an attorney. And I would come home from school, approximately two p.m. in the afternoon, and he’d be in the swimming pool. I said, “Dad, why are you swimming in the swimming pool?” He says, “I’m self-employed. “I can do what I want to do, “and it’s […]

United Kingdom #9 – Self-employment: Market research, Develop & Plan (Napisy PL)

Work For Self | Self Employment Work Inspiration

A Guide To Being Self Employed

>>MIKE:Hi I am Mike doing business as JR. Today we’re going to talk about self-employment and I’m going to use my own experience to try to help you and let you know some things that maybe you didn’t know about. Let’s start with unemployment. If you lose your job and you are on unemployment and […]

United Kingdom #10 – Self-employment: Setting up your business & Business structures (Napisy PL)

Join photographer Julia Nimke and her van as she sets off on a journey to self-employment.

I see taking a photograph as snapshotting a moment in time. The landscape will never be exactly like this again, especially not in a few years’ time. I knew that self-employment can mean a lot of bureaucracy and I had to get myself to the point where I could say: “OK, if I want to […]

GetYourWings | Remain Loyal with Oliver

Tell us about yourself. Well, my name is Oliver Franck I am 49 years old. I am an engineer in the field of forestry. Well the studies were very comprehensive and, for me at least, very interesting. I have also done an apprenticeship and I am an educated animal keeper and worked in the Berlin […]

How To Get Wealthy FAST Using Slice The Pie!

You want me to tell you how you can make a little bit of money on the side for free? You want me to show you how to turn your newly acquired earnings into real wealth? If so. You’re going to want to hear this! [ShadyEnterprise – How to Get Wealthy Using Slice the Pie] […]

How to automatically share your expense data and receipts with your accountant with 1tap receipts

do you hate rushing around to find all your receipts and then processing them in the last hour for your accountant? with 1Tap Receipts you’ll never have to do that again you can share all of your expense data in real time with your accountant just enter the four digit accountant code given to you […]

Sort your Self Assessment with FreeAgent

For many freelancers and small business owners the Self Assessment tax return is an annual source of stress and worry. For sole traders and directors of limited companies FreeAgent can help take the pain and hassle out of Self Assessment. FreeAgent uses the invoices, Expenses and bank transactions that you enter throughout the year to […]

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