Jan, a self-employed florist that may never retire

Absolutely not. I don’t want to retire and I will never ever retire at all. Why? Because it’s way too nice to live. It’s way too nice what I’m doing. I have the loveliest clientele of the world. Why should I retire? The freedom. The absolute freedom in all respects. From morning to evening, I […]

1tap receipts – Automated Self Assessment app for Sole Traders – Never Miss another Tax Deduction!

your self-assessment can be painful and most of us end up paying more tax than needed and what about those expenses I’ve got a couple of receipts in my wallet, another dozen in the car, and a wad of invoices and bills on the dining table at home. It’s a nightmare, and to top it […]

Registering for Self Assessment

One of a series of videos about online Self Assessment tax returns. If you need to complete a tax return, you’ll need to register with HMRC. If you’re self-employed you need to register for Self Assessment and Class 2 National Insurance if any of these apply. You need to do this as soon as possible […]

What is a Totalization Agreement?

What is a Totalization Agreement? This is Vincenzo Villamena from Online Taxman. A Totalization Agreement is not a Tax Treaty first off. A Totalization Agreement is an agreement between two countries, let’s say the United States and another country, in regards to Social Security, meaning that if you pay into one country’s system for Social […]

Mortgage Lenders for Self-Employed Borrowers

(upbeat music) – In today’s video, we are going to discuss the different type of mortgage products available for self-employed people in Canada who are looking in purchasing and refinancing residential real estate. For the purpose of this video, we’re going to break it down to A, B, and C lending. Let’s begin with A […]

Your income from property tax return

This is one of a series of videos about online Self Assessment. On your Self Assessment tax return you’ve said you have income from UK property over £1,000 including foreign property income. This is the section of the tax return you go to. Don’t start filling in this section if: ● you receive income from […]

Pros & Cons Of Self-Employment!

Hello sparrows and welcome back to GreenEyedStarlet! If you are new here then hello, I am Brandy and I’m trying to create a life worth living through art, movement, and exploration! In today’s video we are going to be talking about the pros and cons of self-employment. If that sounds like something you’d be interested […]

The best ways to employ people | Shoestring Startup

Getting a home loan when you’re self-employed

So you’re self-employed and you want a home loan. Well today, we’re going to show you how you can be successful in getting that home. This is the most comprehensive guide to self-employed home loans in Australia. And the best part, we’re going to show you the exact information and the tips that you need […]

Employment, no. of self-employed in doldrums despite recovery in private consumption: PM

Prime Minister inna Yan has expressed concerns about the decline and employment and South Korea’s contracting number of self-employed despite a recovery and private consumption during his weekly meeting with related ministers on Thursday the prime minister says South Korea’s private consumption jumped nearly three percent on-year which is the biggest increase in seven years […]

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