Join photographer Julia Nimke and her van as she sets off on a journey to self-employment.

I see taking a photograph as snapshotting a moment in time. The landscape will never be exactly like this again, especially not in a few years’ time. I knew that self-employment can mean a lot of bureaucracy and I had to get myself to the point where I could say: “OK, if I want to […]

Broad Financial – Retirement Plans for the Self Employed

If you work for yourself – you’re used to taking the bull by the horns and getting things done. You run your own business and wear lots of different hats. When it come to your retirement savings Broad Financial provides a platform that lets you supercharge your tax advantaged savings and take full control. Self […]

Что изменилось в программе иммиграции в Канаду для self-employed?

Ace and Kind, #SelfEmployed Episode 1

IPSE Partners – Simon Best, Middlesex University

For us IPSE was the best option for us, we like very much what they do around self-employment, we have a large number of students that go into self-employment and we felt that the sorts of services, the structure, the way they interact with us is without doubt probably one of the best things that […]

How to Reduce Self-Employment Tax

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur and frustrated with the amount of taxes you have to pay each year on your tax return? Do you wish there was something you could do to take away that extremely high burden? I’m Candy, President of Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll, and today I wanted to offer you a tip […]

Self-employed (autónomo) in Spain. My first impressions!

Hi ladies and gents. Long time no speak! Just taking a quick break up on the terrace enjoying some of the Catalonia autumn. It’s still about 15 degrees here – goes up a bit at midday and drops at night obviously, averaging about 15 degrees here at the moment and it’s blue skies and pretty […]

[UPDATE] BIR Tax Registration Process Self-Employed Professional Non-PRC License | Online Freelancer

Hi, everyone! Glenda, here. In this video, I’m going to show you how to register as a self-employed professional, non-PRC license in Bureau of Internal Revenue. This presentation is for those of you who work from home and wish to register as a self-employed taxpayer but are not familiar with the process. If you need […]

How to automatically share your expense data and receipts with your accountant with 1tap receipts

do you hate rushing around to find all your receipts and then processing them in the last hour for your accountant? with 1Tap Receipts you’ll never have to do that again you can share all of your expense data in real time with your accountant just enter the four digit accountant code given to you […]

Sort your Self Assessment with FreeAgent

For many freelancers and small business owners the Self Assessment tax return is an annual source of stress and worry. For sole traders and directors of limited companies FreeAgent can help take the pain and hassle out of Self Assessment. FreeAgent uses the invoices, Expenses and bank transactions that you enter throughout the year to […]

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