MIA Motorsport & Automotive Jobs Fair – Highlights from April 2018 event

The jobs fair is very well organised the layout is great, there is plenty of people to speak to with various kinds of background and experiences and qualifications so it is a very good event to speak to people who are really enthusiastic about motorsport and automotive jobs My name is Roger Grimshaw and I […]

I’m searching for a job that doesn’t feel like work – Jake Paul | #InItTogether

I started my career in finance. But after a few years, I felt really trapped. I knew I needed to make a change. I’ve always been passionate about design, I just didn’t know if I could make it my career. So I started searching for jobs on LinkedIn. And found a really cool job in […]

Emily describes her experiences as the Employment Coordinator

Hi, my name is Emily and I am the Employment Coordinator here with Winston-Salem Regional office. And I really enjoy working with Veterans because I am a military Veteran myself. I come from a military Veteran background, my family members are Veterans. And I really believe in offering Veterans customer service, excellent customer service as […]

IPSE University Partner – Linda Marchant, Nottingham Trent University

We have about 10% of our students in the School of Art and Design who go on to become freelancers or self-employed within the first six months of graduating, so we wanted to kind of introduce support and help for students before they left us, so that we were kind of building a kind of […]

NIH Job: Management Analyst

As a management analyst, you basically work on a wide breadth of things. It really is something if you are kind of a generalist and like to be involved in a lot of different things and like to perform a lot of detailed work. It is kind of a generalist position so but someone with […]

Kathleen Applegate: “We are in the service of humanity”

There’s many reasons why I love working at Princeton. I think one of the number one reasons is the people that you interact with — all levels of people. So from my faculty, which obviously they’re stellar faculty, to the staff here and to my colleagues, I believe we have such a wonderful, diverse, imaginative, […]

Employment opportunities for Indigenous Students | Curtin University

>>The Aboriginal Student Placement Program focuses on hiring students internally on campus.>>At the moment I’m working as a Scholarship Assistant. I’m just working in the holidays, that allows me to focus on my studies throughout the semester.>>When I first began working here I was working as a receptionist at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies. And […]

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