How to become a real estate agent in Dubai. Jobs in UAE 2018.

hi guys you are watching Oksy vlogs if this is your first time here and you would like to know more information about life in Dubai don’t forget to hit subscribe button and the notification icon so you won’t miss anything if you are subscribed to my channel you’ve noticed that I’ve been sharing a […]

OCT. 2018 – CMHC helps the SELF EMPLOYED Get Mortgages! – Keepin’ It Realtor with Brad McCallum

– Hey, are you one of those self- employed Canadians who tried to get a mortgage and got turned down? Did the banks tell you: – No! No! No! No! – Buying a home while being self-employed just got easier. But understanding if these new CMHC changes apply to you, though, has not. That’s why […]

Living in Tampa / St. Petersburg 🌴 Things To Do, Job Opportunities, Where to Live

Everyone knows Miami and everyone knows Orlando but the first city that I want you to think of when you think of Florida is Tampa and today I’m gonna tell you why hey everybody this is Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith and Associates in beautiful Tampa Bay Florida you know about our beaches and you […]

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