Job Creation Has Actually Gotten WORSE Under Trump

A new statistic came out recently that showed that Barack Obama’s last three years in office created one and a half million more jobs than Donald Trump’s first three years in office. 6.6 million jobs created during Trump’s first three years, 8.1 million jobs created during Obama’s last three years. So this kind of blows […]

Chuck Grassley: Maybe Women Don’t Join Judiciary Committee Due To Workload | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Nearly Half Of Working Americans Are Employed At Low Wage Jobs

Donald Trump loves tweeting out and telling us how great our economy is. He typically does it several times a day. We have the best economy. Everybody’s envious of the U S economy, jobs, jobs, jobs. He tells us at the end of random tweets all the time, jobs, jobs, jobs, and sure it’s true. […]

Secret Service Spent $50k PER MONTH At Trump Properties

According to documents released this week by the property of the people organization that they obtained from the secret service via a freedom of information act request. The secret service over a span of less than five months spent more than $250,000 at Donald Trump’s golf resorts. Now, the time frame in question that this […]

Pompeo Disrespecting Foreign Service Officers With Ukraine Scandal | The Last Word | MSNBC

DeVry University Sued For Lying About Employment Statistics

In the last few years, the issue of these for profit colleges has been big in the news. A lot of them have been found out to provide subpar educations that leave their students with massive piles of debt and really know where to use their degree. Essentially, they’ve been handing out worthless degrees to […]

Vaping Culture Does The Job Of Big Tobacco By Creating More Nicotine Addicts

Recently, the CEO of Juul e-cigarettes issued a halfhearted apology to parents whose teens became addicted to nicotine thanks to his company’s products. But the truth is that just like tobacco, this was all part of the plan. Joining me to talk about this is Farron Cousins who just finished an incredible cover story for […]

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