Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour

(Upbeat Music) Henrico Doctors’ Hospital www.everybabyisastory.com Henrico Doctors’ Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion. The spacious waiting room includes comfortable seating. Welcome to the Women’s Pavilion. The Labor & Delivery waiting room includes a large aquarium. The family waiting area is spacious and comfortable for your visitors. Private rooms are designed for your comfort prior to labor, or […]

Young Worker — Kitchen TV Commercial

[Josh]: What do I do now? [Boss in background]: Josh, have you moved that pot of stuff yet? [Josh]: What pot? He can’t mean that big mother, it’s massive! Aw, damn. Gloves! They’re wet – aw, yuck. It’s so heavy. Ah, it’s hot! Argh! [screams]

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