Louie Gohmert Criticizes Impeachment Proceedings: ‘This Country’s End Is Now In Sight’ | NBC News

I’m Self-employed. How do I Save for my Retirement?

If you’ve been paying your National Insurance, you’ll be eligible for the new State Pension. At the moment, the full rate of the new State Pension is around £8,750 a year. The amount you get may differ from this as it is based on your individual National Insurance record, so it could be more or […]

Jane Fonda Celebrates Her 82nd Birthday In Handcuffs After Protesting Climate Change | NBC News NOW

Welfare and Civil Service Reform – Shabbat Night Live – 8/24/18

Lecture 24: Unemployment, Re-employment & Income Security

– Today we’re gonna talk about Unemployment, Reemployment, and Income Security, or income insecurity as the case might be. So, let’s start with some something to get our attention focused on that question. – [Narrator] We’re hauling 20,000 pounds of freight down the Florida Turnpike in a self-driving, robotic truck. It’s been retrofitted with a […]

Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

To improve our child welfare system, we have to improve the recruitment of the people working in it. Far too often, Child Protective Services seems to attract applicants who don’t have other career options, who don’t quite understand what the job is, and who don’t have the skills to accomplish it. Right now, child welfare […]

Caller: The Hard to Employ Should work for Less…

Tom in Tucson Arizona hey Tom what’s on your mind I disagree with you tom I think about 11 who all has difficulty getting employment shoot the able within the law to negotiate a shell minimum wage just again employment well nevermind fifteen dollars an hour every teacher every hard to employ BBC blues in […]

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