Top 10 Places in India you are NOT allowed to Visit -Hindi | English Sub

Have you been into places where you are not allowed to visit? If not,then we will take you to top 10 Places in India you are not allowed to visit. Top 10 Places in India you are not allowed to visit Welcome friends to our channel (Top 10 Hindi) India is one of the largest […]

Job: “…du fliegst raus!” / …you fly out!” (CC)

If you want to get out, fly out! Understand? No, I’m deaf and have protection! You, suddenly crazy ?! I have already said! I would like to place an ad, a place has become free ….

Photographing Florida’s Secret Wildlife | Best Job Ever

CARLTON: When you swim into one of these springs, and then a manatee comes around the corner, it’s like everything slows down, and takes a breath. Sometimes they’ll swim right up to you, you can count the whiskers on its face, or see the propeller marks on its back. Just about 20 manatees, right down […]

9 Places You Should Never Swim In!

From water so hot it could boil you alive to a lake filled with acid, here are some places you should never go swimming: 9. Lake Hillier This bright pink lake is located in Australia. It is about two thousand feet long and eight hundred twenty feet wide. This strange body of water is a […]

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