John Kemp Shares Tips on Employment

The world of work provides freedom and liberty for people with disabilities especially. And we can never forget that employers are always going to need employees, they’re always going to have to have certain skills filled in their jobs. They can’t outsource everything and they can’t off-shore everything, unless they want to do a different […]

Moon says Korea has seen positive change on economic front

president moon gave an optimistic outlook on the nation’s economy placing particular emphasis on the improving employment figures the South Korean leader highlighted there are positive changes despite mounting difficulties Shin Semin shares with us his remarks president moon jaein is sounding confident on the economy he said its government’s expansionary fiscal policy will lead […]

Guess Who’s a Sex Worker (Ilah) | Lineup | Cut

– Oh snap! – Do you wanna do it again? – Oh my god! Sex worker. He liked that way too much. My name is Ilah Dizon and I am a full-time student and mom. (whistles) (laughs) Someone who… sells their body for, you know, money. (laughs) – Nothing’s gonna offend any of us. – […]

Guess Who’s a Sex Worker (Duranged) | Lineup | Cut

What are your hobbies? – I love to dance. She’s in the fields for sure. My name is Duranged Pitt. No idea. Oh shit, like — (laughter) Like they slangin’, you know what I’m saying? Like who’s slangin’ like — Like strippers and shit? Yeah, yeah, I fuck with strippers, I fuck with strippers. Yeah […]

The Disability Network Highlights (CBC, 1990-1997)

(music plays throughout the video) You’re watching D-Net, the disability Network. I’m Joe Coghlan and I’m Susan Pettite. I’m Sheyfali Saujani. I’m Ing Wong. I’m Bill McQueen. Welcome to a special edition of the Disability Network, “D-Net Goes to the Movies.” In terms of actors with disabilities getting into the business, often times it’s very […]

World Disability Day Walk at Delhi

On 3rd December was World Disability Day. Organisations such as National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), National Association of Deaf (NAD) and American India Foundation (AIF) were involved They had conducted a walk to create awareness on world disability day. The NCPEDP has been doing this for the last 5 years. […]

Sharron Rush on the Future of Accessible Technology and Employment

PEAT asked Sharron Rush, Executive Director of Knowbility: “In ten years, what ideas, initiatives, policies, or best practices will have had the biggest possible impact on accessible technology and the employment of people with disabilities?” Rush: In ten years I think that we’ll look back on this time kind of as a time of growing […]

The Incredible Ups and Downs of Steve Jobs: Biography

In high school, a student interested in taking apart and rebuilding machines approached the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and asked for some parts to help him complete a class project. Duly impressed, the CEO made arrangements for the student to get the parts. And years later, he was probably thrilled to be able to say he […]

Charles Ponzi: Natural Born Swindler

Charles Ponzi: Natural Born Swindler Charles Ponzi allegedly once said “I went looking for trouble, and I found it.” Truer words were never spoken. From an early age, Ponzi discovered that hard work and book learning were not for him. He was always involved in one scheme after another, hoping that some day, he will […]

Match the Job to the Person | Lineup | Cut

– Okay, give me a good spin. (laughter) (applause) Help, my house is on fire! Yeah, Brittany’s a firefighter, for sure. (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg) – Hi, I’m Timmy Rogar, I’m a drag queen and a bartender. – My name is Alex Alexander. – I’m Ilah Dizon. – I […]

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