Labour’s Self-Employment Summit

This meeting involves people from a wide range of backgrounds, both from business and from the trade union movement. Debbie Ahrahams: 80% of the net employment gain has been in self employment since 2008. What we also know is, as Becky’s touched on, in terms of the issues around new business models which have meant […]

We asked 100 people to tell us about their worst job ever! | Keep it 100 | Cut

– It’s funny, I’ve had a lot of bad day jobs, but the worst one I had was being a shift supervisor at Starbucks, ’cause I was assaulted seven different times. And I was a stripper, so that’s like saying something. (upbeat techno music) – The worst job? – Oh. (exhaling) – I haven’t had […]

Everyday People Take A Secret Service Test

– I’m sorry but there is no (bleep) way that these Secret Service people know all this (bleep) (suspenseful music) – I don’t know anything about the Secret Service. I assume it’s something kind of like Scandal. – Their essential job is to guard the president of the United States, other authorities in government. And […]

Why employing persons with disabilities is good for business

What do you think has held companies back from recruiting more people with disabilities? In many countries in the world, people with disabilities have limited or restricted access to education at all levels, including higher education, so the ability to recruit people living with a disability in these countries that do have the appropriate skills […]

Low youth employment figures require response

from the start the moon administration has made creating jobs one of its top priorities but while some age groups have seen the job situation improve the employment rate for people in their twenties is still worryingly low our young tells us why the country’s trade Research Institute says Sunday that the youth employment rate […]

Social Networks and Getting a Job: Mark Granovetter

[MUSIC PLAYING] People think social networks is a new idea, a new thing to study. And in fact anthropologists started talking about social networks probably in the 1930s. And mathematicians were talking about them in the 1950s. And sociologists started picking up on social networks in the 1960s. So I wanted to do a dissertation […]

Employment Litigation Attorney Angeli Murthy | Advice for Employers and Employees

(gentle music) – My advice would be to, when people bring claims to treat those as valuable, to treat those as learning experiences, to treat those with respect because when employers don’t treat their employees with respect, when they raise complaints, that’s when they come to us. That’s when you have lawsuits and people could […]

Labour force – employment, unemployment and participation rate explained

– I’m Bjorn Jarvis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. People sometimes ask me, “How can the unemployment rate go up if the number of employed people is also going up?” The answer to this is actually quite simple. But it’s important to remember that there are three groups of people in the labour market: […]

Skills, Employment and Careers Expo

So the main message that we are trying to get out is that there some great opportunities in the Northern Territory. There is still a lot of jobs out there. Well I came to this expo last year as a student. I saw that Darwin Office Technology had a competition for a Blu-ray player. All […]

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