Henrico Doctors’ Hospital Labor & Delivery Virtual Tour

(Upbeat Music) Henrico Doctors’ Hospital www.everybabyisastory.com Henrico Doctors’ Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion. The spacious waiting room includes comfortable seating. Welcome to the Women’s Pavilion. The Labor & Delivery waiting room includes a large aquarium. The family waiting area is spacious and comfortable for your visitors. Private rooms are designed for your comfort prior to labor, or […]

Blue Promise: Could You be a Victim of Health Care Fraud?

MUSIC DAN: We’ve all heard the horror stories of fraudulent behavior by business professionals across the country. But how common is it in the health care industry and could it happen to you? The answers might scare you. MUSIC DAN: Thanks for tuning into Blue Promise. I’m Dr. Dan McCoy and I’m the president of […]

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