Watch what mature age worker Drew did to improve her employability

Hi, you must be Madeline. Hi, I’m Drew, I’ll be taking you today. Can I sit in the front here? Absolutely! OK, let’s go. Got a pretty good tidal range today, about two and a half metres. So as you can imagine, the beach will look quite different at low tide, a lot of exposed […]

GetYourWings | Remain Loyal with Oliver

Tell us about yourself. Well, my name is Oliver Franck I am 49 years old. I am an engineer in the field of forestry. Well the studies were very comprehensive and, for me at least, very interesting. I have also done an apprenticeship and I am an educated animal keeper and worked in the Berlin […]

God wants you to own your own business | Today

Say this, God expects me to prosper and be in health. Does God expect that for you? That’s his expectation. God has an expected end. Well not only does he expect end, He has and must have, if you can think here, He must have an expected way for you to get to that expected […]

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