Most Dangerous Military / Army Jobs

For countries like the US, serving in the military can be a great way to earn some really good benefits. You can have access to free health care- worth the risk alone if you live in the US and its insane health care costs- as well as earn tens of thousands of dollars for your […]

VMFA(AW)224 Fixed-Wing Aircraft Airframe Mechanic explains his job

My name is Alexander Weng. I am an airframes CDQAR from VMFA-224, and I am from Queens, New York. As an airframer, my job is dealing with flight-controls, flight surfaces as well as hazardous materials. Hardest part of our job is trouble-shooting something that we have never dealt with as well as just some of […]

A Former NFL Player Made This Gym To Get DISABLED VETERANS Back to Training!

– I just hear, “Hey, hey!” And I’m thinking, “Oh my God, “you’re gonna get robbed, Brian.” “You’re gonna get robbed.” And I look over and see this giant spartan dude running over at me. – [Voiceover] Brian looked rough. I just felt like I needed to stop. And so I slammed on my brakes […]

Drone Zone | Infantry Squads Employ Drones

So, this is the beginning of Quads for Squads training. So, a year and a half ago, Gen. Neller made his priority to get every deploying infantry squad a quadcopter, and now, we’re seeing that idea really come into reality. So, we have the equipment. It’s durable enough for us. We got the training from […]

Military Transition to Civilian Employment: Expectations vs Reality

While serving in the military, I ummmmm… I don’t have my coffee be right back That’s better While serving in the military, I would often think to myself. I can’t wait to be a civilian and work with adults Not saying the military acts like children, but if you’ve ever been in any leadership positions, […]


When I was on active duty in the Marines, I served overseas and we spent a lot of time in airports. Marines are pretty easy to pick out of a crowd because of our haircuts. And all the time, people would come up to me, and they’d grab my hand and say, “Thanks, Marine,” and […]

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