TYPES OF WORK FOR FOREIGNERS IN JAPAN & What My Job Is As a Student in Japan

But honestly to give you the full tea on that job, like honestly I didn’t like it, I didn’t really like it, at all. Hey guys, it’s Mikan and today I was supposed to upload a more interesting video, but guess what happened! I’m just so unlucky, like honestly just so unlucky. I’d literally spent […]

Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Cosplay Worker

This is Yuzuchi, 20 year old female working as a cosplayer in Tokyo Japan and this is how she starts her unique work day Her day starts later than most as she was working late last night, which we’ll get into later on in this video But it’s safe to say this is not gonna […]

Work Life in Japan – Office Edition | Ayse Islıkcı

Hey everyone, I really enjoy watching videos like this online, so I wanted to make one where I share my own experiences with you. These are going to be different for everyone depending on your field, your company, but I’m still hoping that this is going to be useful to give you an idea of […]

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