China’s New Surveillance Tech Monitors Workers’ Brainwaves

It’s safe to say that our private information isn’t private anymore. New technologies are collecting data to be sold or shared between companies… in sometimes questionable ways. Y’all really think that Black Mirror isn’t gonna happen? Well, it’s not GOING to happen. It’s already happening. Let’s start in China, where employers are monitoring their employees’ […]

Weird Places: The Lava Lake in Antarctica

Earth is covered in lakes. Mostly these are cool, watery affairs full of life and great for a relaxing vacation. Lava lakes are a little less serene: they’re scorching, seething pools of molten rock. They’re also pretty rare, outside of MineCraft permanent lava lakes only exist in a few places around the globe. One of […]

Dynamics 365 Customer Service | 2019 release wave 2 overview

[MUSIC] Based on NSAT survey feedback and customer input through the ideas portal, in this release we’re making user experience and usability enhancements to the knowledge and timeline experiences for agents servicing customers through customer service. Let’s take a look. We’re introducing knowledge article templates. Article templates make it quick and easy for agents to […]

How to Get a Job as a Python Developer in 2019

Emotional intelligence at work: Why IQ isn’t everything

Since I started writing about and researching emotional intelligence in business, I found that data in support of it has only gotten stronger. I saw recently a study, this surprised me, engineers, software coders and so on were evaluated by their peers, people who work with them day-to-day on how successful they were at what […]

What is SOA, Services and Messages? – Part 1

Welcome to the questions and answers series for windows Communication Foundation or in other words we can say WCF and let us start with question number 1 what is SOA services and messages the first thing which you must be thinking is that why we are be discussing about SOA when the questions and answers […]

Learn English – Asking About Occupations, What is your Job?

Welcome to’s “English in Three Minutes”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn English. Hey everyone, I’m Alisha! In this series, we’re going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common questions in English. It’s really useful, and it only takes three minutes! In this lesson, you’re going to learn […]

How to Make $100/hr as a Freelance Software Developer (No Degree Required)

The English Prepositions IN, AT and ON – with places (positions)

welcome to video let’s look at prepositions again today this time how we’ll use the width position it means inside we say in a room in a store in a city in a lake in the sea for example Doug loves to scuba dive in the ocean I live in Japan where do you live […]

How to Set Up Products & Services: Organize & List | QuickBooks Online Tutorial 2018

Before recording any sales in the QuickBooks it’s best to tell QuickBooks what services and product you]ll provide to your customers. To do that, select Sales from the nav-bar, then click the Products and Services tab, now click Add a product or service. Here QuickBooks asks you, if you want to set up a non-inventory […]

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