SEBI Grade A 2020 Notification and Preparation Strategy – By Anuj Jindal

Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi Law Digest by Ayushi […]

Deconstructing The First Time You Fell In Love | Ladhood On iPlayer Now

What are you doing? Leaving. Give you some space to think. I don’t need space to think. I think you do. Well, how long you going for? I don’t know. Well, like, ten minutes, ten years? Well, obviously not… ..ten years, no, but I… When am I going to see you again? Why don’t you […]

Joint Cases – Workers’ Compensation and Car Accidents

Hi, this is David Henson with HensonFuerst Attorneys in North Carolina. I had an interesting case this morning, involving a man who was driving a delivery truck for his employer� when he was seriously injured in an automobile wreck. He required surgery for his injuries, and will likely be out of work for more than […]

Elon Law Employment

What qualities do you need in the people you hire? Experience relevant to your practice area? Strong research and writing skills? Confidence to appear in court on day one? At Elon Law, we deliver all of the above. All of our students receive unmatched practical training when they complete full-time legal residences during their second […]

Are Your Staff Self-Employed, a Contractor or a Worker?

Does your business model rely on self-employed contractors to deliver your services? If so you can’t have failed to notice the glut of cases brought by individuals in the gig economy claiming worker status. Could the arguments they are using affect you and does it matter? Unlike self-employed contractors or consultants workers are entitled to […]

Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho – CLT – Art. 1 a 12

DECREE LAW No. 5,452, OF MAY 1, 1943 Validity (See Decree Law No. 127 of 1967) (See Law No. 12,619. Of 2012) (See Law No. 13,015. Of 2014) Approves the Consolidation of Labor Laws. THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, using the attribution that gives it the art. 180 of the Constitution, DECREE: Art. 1 The […]

Law Enforcement Recruitment for the Forest Service

My name is David Ferrell. I’m the Director of Law Enforcement and Investigations for the United States Forest Service. I’m pleased that you are interested in learning more about our agency and what our law enforcement organization has to offer. I’m sure you are asking yourself exactly what does the Forest Service do. Well, I’m […]

How people are challenging their employment status

Jane Fielding: So Tess there are lots of cases in the news at the moment with people challenging their employment status. Are we seeing some new trends in that area in the law? Tessa Livock: The cases that you are referring to I take it are the recent gig economy cases, the high profile tribunal […]

Studying Employment Law By Distance Learning at the University of Leicester – Marion

My favourite thing about Distance Learning Employment Law the Masters course at Leicester was the weekends, the study weekends when you got together with other people on the course and there was a wide variety of people and you worked together and you learnt a little bit about each other and worked collaboratively. And because […]

16 Employment Law Mistakes Most Irish Employers Make-FREE Report

hello there my name is Terry Gurion a solicitor and fina County Meath I have created a short report 16 common employment law mistakes that most Irish business is making it’s completely free you can get on my website how put a link underneath the video and employment rights Ireland com you simply enter your […]

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