Labour’s Self-Employment Summit

This meeting involves people from a wide range of backgrounds, both from business and from the trade union movement. Debbie Ahrahams: 80% of the net employment gain has been in self employment since 2008. What we also know is, as Becky’s touched on, in terms of the issues around new business models which have meant […]

Jobseeking Explained – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] What is Supported Employment ? As a job seeker with a disability are you finding it hard to get the job you want ? Supported Employement Services can help match you with the right job to suit your unique ability, skills and interests The job coach will meet you to get to know you […]

Labour force – employment, unemployment and participation rate explained

– I’m Bjorn Jarvis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. People sometimes ask me, “How can the unemployment rate go up if the number of employed people is also going up?” The answer to this is actually quite simple. But it’s important to remember that there are three groups of people in the labour market: […]

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2015

“The news on youth employment is starting to look a bit better: the International Labour Organization just released the 2015 Global Employment Trends for Youth. This report shows that global unemployment numbers for 15 to 24 year-olds have dropped by 3.3 million since the peak of the economic crisis in 2009 to a total of […]

NREGA – The Failing lifeline of Rural Employment

We are labourers who want work But they don’t give us work What do we do? What do we eat? Give us work and we will work If you give us work, only then can we work and earn Our village is no getting any work They give the work to contractors and we all […]

McDonald’s – Supported Employment

(Narration) McDonald’s in Shannon is a high turnover outlet, catering for drive-through as well as walk in customers. Owner Kieran McDermott was initially reluctant to take on someone with a disability. I suppose I’m no different to any other employer with their own business, that you want your business to be the best, you want […]

👨‍💼 Where do jobs come from? | Employment vs self-employment

Where do jobs come from? Why do all people not just work on their own? Everyone strives to make the most effective use of their resources to meet their needs as best as they can. When you enter the labor market, you already have some resources. You have knowledge, skills, and abilities and you have […]

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