Access Job Fair: Live Well Spokane with Krem 2

LiveWell Spokane the best of the northwest Hi, I’m Kelly Welsh with LiveWell Spokane. Today, I’m meeting with Kevin Williams WorkSource Spokane Operator. Kevin, thanks for being here today. Thanks, It’s a pleasure to be here. So we’re here to talk about the upcoming Access Spokane job fair Why don’t you give me a brief […]

10 Best Jobs In The World

that’s verse presents ten best jobs in the world number one Ben and Jerry’s flavor guru if you love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream this could be your dream job the flavor gurus job is to work with the ice cream the candy in all the syrups and try to create amazing flavors when you […]

Unusual Jobs that Actually Pay Really Well

Gulfstream Goodwill Employment Services Testimonial

[music] This is Jarod Smith. He’s from Belle Glade. One of the things that I want to let you know that I do work in the Belle Glade/Pahokee area, and in my experience over the past two years, I have come across a lot of extraordinary young people willing to work. They’re very respectful. There […]

What Jobs Can You Do in a Publishing House? | #BookBreak

So you want to work in publishing? Well, if you love books, and want to work around books every day, there are so many more different types of publishing jobs than you ever might have imagined. So this is Book Break’s guide to the massive range of different jobs you can do to work in […]

These Insanely Easy Jobs Can Make Anyone Rich

Not all of us were born for a 9 to 5 life in the office. Some folks see the light early and carve a career in ways that are not only beneficial to the soul but handy on the bank balance too. Some lucky devils are paid to stay in five star hotels, house sit […]

Working for Supported Employment Service – Josh Hancock, Transition Team Lead

My name is Josh Hancock and I’ve been working in Supported Employment Service for the past four years. Working in Supported Employment, no two days are ever the same. When I first started this job, I was called out at quite short notice to be working in a garden. Doing gardening is not in my […]

is ACCOUNTING A GOOD CAREER ?? / How Much MONEY can you MAKE as an ACCOUNTANT if that is your CAREER

cpa strength here back with another video this one’s gonna be about as a counting a good career what do you think about accounting and etc etc let’s just cut to the chase yes I think accounting is a great career to have when I got my job at a CPA firm the my boss […]

Utah Employment Report September 2018

For the month of September, job growth came in at 3.6 percent. We added 53,200 new jobs to our economy, when we compare September of 2018 to September of 2017. September’s unemployment rate came in at 3.2 percent. That’s a one-tenth increase from last month. We have approximately 50,400 Utahns actively seeking work in the […]

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer “Rich people don’t create jobs”

It is astounding how significantly one idea can shape a society and its policies. Consider this one: If taxes on the rich go up, job creation will go down. This idea is an article of faith for Republicans and seldom challenged by Democrats and has indeed shaped much of the economic landscape. But sometimes the […]

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