Don’t get scammed by a fake job ad

When you’re looking for work, you need to know how to recognise a fake job ad. If you do apply for a fake job, at best it is a massive waste of time, at worst you could have your money and your identity stolen. So what should you look out for? If it seems too […]

Open House at Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale

[Music plays while showing the Next-Steps Employment Centres logo, Operated by Toronto District School Board, and Funded by Employment Ontario] Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale hosted and Open House on Nov 9, 2016 This location opened its doors only a few month ago to serve job seekers and employers in the area Gagan Sikand, […]

Let Aspire Indiana Employment Services help you get to work!

Hi! I’m Lori. About two years ago I called my VR counselor and asked if I could go to Aspire to help me find a job. I was a little nervous about going back to work, however, I knew that I was going to go back to work would help me meet new people and […]

Want To Quit Your Job? 16 Signs You Need To Leave

Brainy Dose Presents: Want To Quit Your Job? 16 Signs You Need To Leave You may pride yourself in the fact that you’re no quitter. But let’s face it: when it comes to work, sometimes you have to be! You outgrow a job, a better situation comes along, the job isn’t what you believed it […]

Jobs We Did Before Becoming YouTubers (and my fiancé’s current job) ~ Emi & Chad

Federal Employment Application Tips

Hi, my name is Emily Gomez and I’m a Assistant Director here at University Career Services. I will be offering you a few Federal employment application tips if this is an interest area. I typically work with students who have an interest in applying to a federal agency that posts and recruits for their positions […]

“How did you handle a difficult situation?” in Job Interview

[ON-SCREEN: Handling a difficult situation appears on board]>>Narrator: Employers like to ask the question: Tell me about a difficult situation, conflict or challenge you faced in the workplace. You will most likely be asked this question in one form or another. The employer is checking your critical thinking skills by asking you to relate a […]

2 Job Interview Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (And How To Avoid Them)

How Do You Overcome Age Discrimination in the Job Search

– Okay, so question, how do you, this is a big one, as we’ve talked to several of our clients. You know, it keeps coming up time and time again. How do you overcome age discrimination in the job search? – So there are some major misperceptions about age discrimination. One of the biggest ones […]

Job Search for Veterans | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

[piano music] Voiceover: To most of you, these codes don’t mean anything. You’ve probably never seen them or even heard of them. But 7% of you have. The 7% that spend weeks and months away from friends and family, miss holidays and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. The 7% that sleep in the cold, sleep in […]

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