How I Found a Job in Canada

Hello everyone, Greetings! You would be wondering why I said “Adaab” I’m from North India and usually say hello, Namaste and Sat Sri Akal I received some comments that I never greet with “Adaab” So here I am working on this mistake of mine and I’ve greeted with Adaab as well I’m very happy today, […]

How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

– Hey there, welcome back, it’s J.T. from Work It Daily. And today I’m gonna be talking about how to apply for a job and actually get an interview. Before I begin though I wanna remind you if you’ve got questions or comments make sure to post them down below and of course hit the […]

How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

– You know, as somebody who’s been in recruiting and career coaching for a lot of years, I’m amazed at how many people are obsessed with finding ways to answer those curve ball questions, or those unexpected questions in interviews. Yes, they are super important, but how many times have I seen somebody completely flub […]

Job Hunting Tips – Fastest Way To Get A Job

Hi in this video I’m going to show you the fastest way to get a job you see with this one small shift in your focus you’re gonna get a clear idea whether or not you’re really on the fast track to getting a job or just treading water in your own job search Hi […]

Transitioning from Entrepreneur to Getting a Job at a Company – Resume Tip!

– Hey everyone, this is Self Made Millennial. I’m Madeline Mann. Today I’m giving all of you entrepreneurs out there a hot resume tip to give you the edge, for all of you who are transitioning from working for yourself to now applying to go work at other companies. You’ve done it all. Being an […]

Branding Yourself in Multiple Places |

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and I coach people to be more effective professionally. That could be with a job search, with hiring, with managing and leading just performing better at work this is a video that’s designed to help you with branding and doing it multiple places because if you’re gonna share […]

Using the Internet to Find Employment

Hello, welcome to your money 2.0. I’m Thomas Fox, community outreach director of Cambridge Credit Counseling. The days of scouring the want ads for employment have come and gone. Your new best friend in the job search is the internet and if you’re not using the full power of this amazing resource you’re missing out. […]

Work Search – How Do I Get Experience?

Hi, I’m Rachel with ALIS, the Alberta Learning Information Service. Are you wondering how to get work experience? Experience is important, because experience basically shows that you’ve taken the time to learn a particular skill, or learned something related to that skill, and have genuine interest in this job. You can get experience through volunteering, […]

Work Search – Where Can I Find Out Which Jobs are in Demand?

Hi, I’m Stacie with ALIS, the Alberta Learning Information Service. Are you wondering where to find information about jobs currently in demand? You can find information about jobs currently in demand in several ways. Labour market information, job banks, career and job fairs, TV, news, or newspaper articles, or service centres around the province. Labour […]

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