Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job

how far you willing to go to clear your name oh I’ll go as far as I mean I’ve gotten to this point are you willing to go to jail of course but the thing is anyone who joins me at this point is only gonna be complicit in this cover-up I mean that’s the […]

How to Interview for a Job in American English, part 1/5

Industry Insight: Careers in Care (Radiography)

A standard day is based around working in different parts of the department, depending where you are listed to. I spend most of my time in General, so I spend a lot of time working with different patients. You’re with them only for a short period of time, between 5 and 15 minutes with each […]

3 Vital Areas of Irish Employment Law Prior to Hiring a New Employee

okay in this video I want to look at three areas that an employer needs a very careful about before granting an employment contractor before appointing somebody to a position those three areas are one the interview you need to be very very careful that in the interview you’re not asking any questions that may […]

Pro-Russian Protesters Occupy State Security Service Building: Russian Roulette

she’ll get out we’re in the easternmost part of Ukraine you go any further east and you’re in Russia this area is called Lugansk and what’s happened here is that some pro-russian protesters have taken over the SBU building which is the headquarters of the Security Service and they’ve armed themselves with the guns they […]

Jobseeking Explained – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] What is Supported Employment ? As a job seeker with a disability are you finding it hard to get the job you want ? Supported Employement Services can help match you with the right job to suit your unique ability, skills and interests The job coach will meet you to get to know you […]

Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte

– Hey everybody what’s up! It’s Chase, welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis Live Show here on Creative Live. You all know this show or I hope you do by now. This is a show where I sit down with amazing humans and I do everything I can to unpack their brains with […]

Preparing For A Job Interview 2019

“How did you handle a difficult situation?” in Job Interview

[ON-SCREEN: Handling a difficult situation appears on board]>>Narrator: Employers like to ask the question: Tell me about a difficult situation, conflict or challenge you faced in the workplace. You will most likely be asked this question in one form or another. The employer is checking your critical thinking skills by asking you to relate a […]

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