The World’s Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai

– [Narrator] Mumbai has over 18 million people. The city — it’s unpredictable. But amidst this chaos, there is one thing that is nearly 100% reliable. It’s your lunch delivery. The dabbawalas of Mumbai are an institution. A dabbawala is a guy who delivers homemade lunches. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] This is how the […]

Highest Paid Government Jobs in India || Govt Jobs 2019 || Top 10 Salary

Do you want to get the highest paid government job? So these videos are for you. Remember that nowadays there are more job-paying jobs than government jobs on which we have made first video. Take it once to see it .Link is in description. 1) Indian Civil Services Indian Civil Services like IAS, IPS and […]

Indian Jobs & Interns | Stand-up Comedy by Punit Pania

I was travelling in an Uber recently and I was siting in the front seat because I am a nice guy Leg room….leg room chahiye tha And this guy starts talking suddenly, like he is supposed to “Sir, aapne woh picture dekha hai kya, Kingsmen?” ‘Woh to English hai na?’ “To kya ho gaya? Dekha […]

Job Opportunities in Electronics and Communication Engineers

From every 8 out of 1 engineer passing each year is Electronics and Communication Engineers. And every one of them have questions like, What should I do, How much will I earn, Where will I work. If you are looking for answers of these questions this video is for you. Electronics and Communication engineering job […]

SOLUTION TO EMPLOY ABILITY (internship project)

global warming, lack of water (Fresh Of Course) and some places having extreme weather changes it’s going to be very difficult for a wage person to survive in a job because the expences of each and every living commodity is going to sky rocket so preparing for the future might be a difficult task but […]

Top 10 HIGHEST Paying Professional Jobs in India (Salary) | Best of 2019

Hello Friends, welcome to Top 10 Hindi Today we are going to talk about the top 10 best-paid jobs in India which will cause you to lose your senses. Yes, of course, so you tell us which of these jobs you liked and the salary which you expect which you love to work. You people […]

Job Opportunities after BE/Btech in Electrical Engineering

Hi, Welcome to our next video on Job opportunities in Electrical Engineering. Every year, around 1.5 million engineers complete their degree. From them around 10% are Electrical Engineers. And everyone has one question what is next best option. In this video we will see the Job scenario for fresher after completing BE/Btech in Electrical Engineering […]

Introduction to Service Workers

NREGA – The Failing lifeline of Rural Employment

We are labourers who want work But they don’t give us work What do we do? What do we eat? Give us work and we will work If you give us work, only then can we work and earn Our village is no getting any work They give the work to contractors and we all […]

25 Best Small Business Ideas for Womens in INDIA

Welcome to top 25 best small business ideas for womens in India. Start an Online Business is Nice Idea for New Business for indian womens. Event manager is another second good business idea for indian business womens. Dietitian and Nutritionist is very popular in new modern age. Middleman agent is good business idea for womens […]

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