5 Life Skills never taught by school teachers | Self Improvement & Personality Development Tips

Hi guys, welcome to the class, we are back to school, yippee! Are you wondering why are we in school today? Well that’s because I saw you bunking some important lessons in school, yes and those lessons will be learned today. I know, I know you were doing all naughty things that time and that […]

How to Do Your Taxes EXPLAINED!

The process of filing your taxes is a bizarre wonderland, where nothing seems to quite make sense. And even though you came into the process full-sized, soon you start feeling smaller and smaller and.. smaller. This video will not attempt to cover every type of tax form. That would be, to use a technical governmental […]

Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

>>Tom: When we’re producing food, there’s that purpose and that brings relevance. It’s all about student engagement and by engagement, I’m not talking about just paying attention. I’m talking about like an emotional, psychological commitment to their learning.>>Anne: We’re always studying these things in the context of this classroom or in a textbook, and that’s […]

BMW X1 E84 hidden service menu

Hello, today we are in BMW X1 the E84 model and we’re going to check the hidden instrument cluster menu. So what you need to do is put your key in and even turn on the ignition, wait few seconds few seconds for the warning (if you have any) to disappear and right now what […]

How To Fix No Service and WiFi on iPhone After Updating

Hi Everyone, Aaron here for ZolloTech and many people seem to be having issues with cellular connectivity and wifi in the United States and around the world with iOS 12.1.3 or since updating to that. Now this seems to be more specific to the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and iPhone XR. And I don’t […]

Servicing A Mountain Bike Air Shock In Real Time | Basic Suspension Service

Hello everyone, now today is time for something a little bit different, I’m going to, in front of your very eyes, do a rear shock service, in one continuous shot, and in real time. Now this is what we call an air can service, and it should be part of your regular maintenance. As always, […]

BMW X1 E84 service reminder reset

Hi! Today we are in BMW X1 (the E84 model) and I’m going to show you how to reset the service reminders in this car. So what you can do is put the key in the ignition, turn the ignition on, wait few seconds just for the warnings to disappear. If you have any warnings […]

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