Servicing An Air Shaft In Real Time | Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Service

– Hello, and welcome to another realtime service video. This time we’re focusing on air springs. (whooshing sounds) In the past, we’ve done really in-depth videos on lower leg services. So if this is all a bit of a dark art to you, click here for Doddy’s video. It’s a really in-depth how-to and a […]

1tap receipts – Automated Self Assessment app for Sole Traders – Never Miss another Tax Deduction!

your self-assessment can be painful and most of us end up paying more tax than needed and what about those expenses I’ve got a couple of receipts in my wallet, another dozen in the car, and a wad of invoices and bills on the dining table at home. It’s a nightmare, and to top it […]

Got invited by FOX Service Center iberia to see their Shock Dyno! (MTB suspension Ep.18)

Hi guys! Today we have a very different video. I’m going to the Fox Service Center Iberia and I’m going to show you the inside of the service center and also we are going to see the the shock dyno! So stay tuned and come with me! Hey Ricardo how are you? Hi André! Welcome […]

How To Get Started with Farm Taxes

this conference will now be recorded good afternoon everybody it’s such a pleasure to to get to talk to you today about a subject that I’ve learned to appreciate more and more and the opportunities that a basic understanding of your income tax can give you its a I’m Tom McConnell program leader the WVU […]

A Mother’s Day idea to honor moms in your church service

Hey, this is Dave Dolphin at, and Mother’s Day is coming up very quickly. You might be looking for an idea, something you can do to honor your moms in your service This is what we did last year. Now, it’s an idea that we stole, who they stole it from someone else, but […]


Preparing For A Job Interview 2019

Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

– Hey you, in this video I’m gonna be showing you the top four programming languages to learn in 2019 to get a job without a college degree. The way that I’ve ranked these languages, just like my last video. They’re based on three things: Number one. The time it takes even an absolute beginner […]

Want To Quit Your Job? 16 Signs You Need To Leave

Brainy Dose Presents: Want To Quit Your Job? 16 Signs You Need To Leave You may pride yourself in the fact that you’re no quitter. But let’s face it: when it comes to work, sometimes you have to be! You outgrow a job, a better situation comes along, the job isn’t what you believed it […]

How to automatically extract data from lots of receipts for your Self Assessment with 1tap receipts

do you have so many receipts lying around that you find yourself putting off typing out all the data and categorizing them? well 1Tap Receipts has you covered when taking a photo of your receipt select multiple mode from the camera screen now you can photograph all of your receipts in one go each photograph […]

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