How to find your DREAM Job when you feel STUCK in your Career 😕.

“Quit the job you hate” “Travel the world!” “Follow your passion” is what every ‘motivational’ Youtuber is trying to tell me these days. Bullshit. Then who will take care of my family? You? When I started my career in 2009, my only passion was to earn money because most of us are not born with […]

5 Tips on How to get job as student in Australia 2020

Hey guys, I just got back from my 10 hours shift of work. and what stumble upon me today is that I got a couple of resumes, and it intrigues me to make a video about how you could get your first job in Australia especially I as an international student myself it it was […]

Land Your Dream Job in 2020 With 7 Steps

Hey cultivator, welcome back to my channel. So as a job search expert and career coach, one of the questions I get a lot is Emily, how do I land a job as quickly as possible in 2020 but not just any job? How do we land my dream job? So what I wanted to […]

How To Get A Job In Finland – 10 Tips to Increase Your Chances

– Finding a job here in Finland can be quite a challenge. But for today, I’ve prepared you 10 tips that can improve your chances of landing a job here in Finland. Let’s go check them right now. What up Finntastics, how’re you doing? If you’re here for the first time, my name is Alex […]

Job Hunting In Australia

How to Find Your Dream Job (in a Tech Company)

Hi everyone! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. Now if you have been struggling with getting interviews and job offers and you’ve been wondering whether it’s even possible for you to land your dream job then you’re in for a treat because today I’m talking to […]

How to Job Search (Without Being Too Picky)

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. And in this video I am going to walk you through my three ways on how to strategically navigate your job search and career especially when you’re having to deal with external pressures and there are people […]

Job Hunting Tips – Fastest Way To Get A Job

Hi in this video I’m going to show you the fastest way to get a job you see with this one small shift in your focus you’re gonna get a clear idea whether or not you’re really on the fast track to getting a job or just treading water in your own job search Hi […]

Careers in Global Health – identify your area of interest

So you’re wanting to work in global health, but you’re not sure where to start. In this video we’re going to talk about how you can identify your focus area of interest. Hi, my name is Greg Martin. This video forms part of a series of videos on careers in global health, and we are […]

Job Search Strategies: 3 Most Effective Job Search Strategies That 2X Your Interviews!

Hi guys, it’s Caroline from, career coach and job search strategist. Basically, I help anyone who needs help with their resume, needs interview training or need to master negotiation techniques, anything from net building, network strategies, to full on job search strategies. Today, somebody asked me a very, very clever question. They said, “If […]

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