Disney Launches Streaming Service

-Well, today, most of the country was hit with snow, ice, and record low temperatures. Yep, millions of Americans woke up this morning like, “Damn, this promotion for ‘Frozen 2’ is nuts.” Yeah, almost 70% of the country got hit with an arctic blast. You know it’s cold when they start describing the weather with […]

The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !

What he’s not even looking I saw this dude as asleep and he’s just doing his job so fast He didn’t even drop one single drop again, this guy is a real smoothie So I couldn’t resist that’s a good pun. How is he doing this Wow, he must have messed this up a million […]

Nathan For You – Maid Service

– [Nathan] Having a professional maid come to your home is one of life’s great luxuries. But what begins as a desire to have a tidy house, often turns into a day long dance where your home isn’t fully yours. – Ah, is okay if I go? – Oh, you wanna clean here? – Cleaning […]

Shoot to Kill: VICE Investigates the Kenya Wildlife Service

Deep Space 69 – Looking for Love in Alderaan Places (Ep #2)

*beeping* [Jay:] Yup, we got a pink alert. [Hamilton:] What’s a pink alert? [Jay:] It means, somewhere in the galaxy, a princess just turned eighteen. [Hamilton:] And why would you need to know that? [Jay:] Hamilton, come on. Sexy reasons. Prepare for our new mission. High school prom party bus. [Hamilton:] Dude, what are you […]

Types Of Co-Workers That Are The Absolute Worst: Whine About It

– They’re like, “Hey man, it looks like oh this is “a bad commute. “it’s taking me a longer time than usual I think this morning and I’m probably late.” (upbeat music) Hey everyone, my name is Matt Bellassai and this is Whine About It, a weekly video series where I get drunk at my […]

House Flipper but I am a lazy worker

Hey, there friends how’s it going, my name is kevin and today, we are playing house, flipper i’m like, super strong So i’m convinced i can flip this house welcome to house flipper, this game will allow you to buy renovate decorate and sell houses. for now however you need to be content with this […]

Customer Services

[oom-pah music] Hey there, kids! Come on over and try my chicky lumps. Lots of lovely lumps for ya. Ch-chicky lumps. [music turns sinister] Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Chicky lumps. Ch-chicky lumps. N-need chicky lumps. [woosh] [rip] [ftooom] [heart beats] [dialing phone] Hello, and welcome to the Dubious Meat Company, where our meat […]

Babysitter for Jon Gruden | Hardest Jobs in Sports

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