How does Design Recruitment Agency freelance work?

– Today, as a freelance designer, there are a variety of ways you can work. You can be a solo freelancer and manage your own clients or you can be freelance through design recruitment agencies and work on location. These are two very different ways of working as a freelance designer. However, being a freelancer, […]

IPSE Partners – Simon Best, Middlesex University

For us IPSE was the best option for us, we like very much what they do around self-employment, we have a large number of students that go into self-employment and we felt that the sorts of services, the structure, the way they interact with us is without doubt probably one of the best things that […]

How to automatically share your expense data and receipts with your accountant with 1tap receipts

do you hate rushing around to find all your receipts and then processing them in the last hour for your accountant? with 1Tap Receipts you’ll never have to do that again you can share all of your expense data in real time with your accountant just enter the four digit accountant code given to you […]

How to Get a Job as a Python Developer in 2019

IPSE University Partner – Linda Marchant, Nottingham Trent University

We have about 10% of our students in the School of Art and Design who go on to become freelancers or self-employed within the first six months of graduating, so we wanted to kind of introduce support and help for students before they left us, so that we were kind of building a kind of […]

Ser autónomo

Being self-employed is much more than being your own boss and starting your own business. It’s an opportunity to create wealth and, over time, generate employment. But before launching into the adventure, it is important to take into account some relevant details. Being self-employed allows you to have complete control of your own company and […]

A TALK WITH — Louisa (inspiration, être freelance & YouTube)

How to automatically fill out your expense data for your HMRC Self Assessment with 1tap receipts

filling out your self assessment form can be tricky especially when it comes to making sure everything lines up with your books with 1Tap Receipts we have an HMRC section built right into the app you can review all of your expense data as well as export it into a prefilled self assessment form then […]

A TALK WITH — Louisa (inspiration, être freelance & YouTube)

Salut les gens, on se retrouve dans une nouvelle vidéo J’espère que tout va bien pour vous Avec une invitée très spéciale Louisa de la chaîne ectomorphe que vous devez sûrement connaître, c’est la première fois que je viens sur ta chaîne d’ailleurs ouais c’est vrai c’est un peu.. une grande première, après toutes ces […]

How to split a receipt between business and personal for your Self Assessment with 1tap receipts

do you have personal and business expenses together on the same receipts? 1Tap Receipts let you easily split a receipt so you can say how much of the receipts for your self-assessment just open the receipt tap on the more tab and select split then simply enter the amount you want to submit for your […]

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