About Gordon Food Service

At Gordon Food Service we’ve been bringing people together over good food for over 115 years. We always start in the same place with delicious food choices and the best sources. For us it’s about quality and variety. From fresh ingredients to ready-to-serve entrees. But they’re only the right choices if they’re right for you. […]

Food and Beverage Serving and Related Workers Career Video

Food service workers perform customer service, food preparation, and cleaning duties… in food service establishments from fast food restaurants to hospitals and hotels. Counter attendants and baristas take orders, process payments, and serve food at fast food restaurants, snack bars, cafeterias, movie theaters, and coffee shops. They heat simple food items and assemble salads or […]

Britain’s biggest crisp found in Morrisons packet – and it’s six inches long

 A man was left stunned after finding Britain’s biggest CRISP – a six-inch whopper he’s going to keep in a display case  Daniel Heginbotham, 44, picked up the massive potato snack from a Morrisons store on the way to work last week  The auditor had bought the £1 bag for lunch but got peckish around […]

GODO – Star Company @ JOB TODAY

Our signature is food that delivers emotions, which is really cool and, I think, it contains everything that we believe in. Of course, the food is amazing, I love it! I think it’s a mix of everything, you know? It’s a lifestyle. In Italy food unites everyone. There’s this culture of, you know, sitting around […]

Robot restaurants won’t take your job and food will be better

(upbeat techno music) – If I walk just a few blocks from this office, I can find a robot that will make me a latte, serve me a quinoa bowl, and now there’s one that will make me a custom made-to-order hamburger. It kinda makes sense when you think about it. San Francisco is a […]

Unique Places to go in Tokyo Japan | Japanese Food

welcome to the drunken Bay today we’re going to show you the top quirky but very fun places to go in Japan so stick with us [Music] tucked away in the back streets of Nakano is a very hidden restaurant called Magoo Mart where it’s all about tuna there’s a fun atmosphere in this restaurant […]

Kids Describe Their Dream Job to an Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

– What time do you go to work in the morning? – Um, 12 o’clock. – 12 o’clock? Those are nice hours. (smooth music) – Hello, Koji. – Hello, SJ. And how are you today? – Good. – What’s your name? – Mackenzie – Nice to meet you, Mackenzie. – My name is Ernie. – […]

The World’s Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai

– [Narrator] Mumbai has over 18 million people. The city — it’s unpredictable. But amidst this chaos, there is one thing that is nearly 100% reliable. It’s your lunch delivery. The dabbawalas of Mumbai are an institution. A dabbawala is a guy who delivers homemade lunches. (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] This is how the […]

This Staten Island Restaurant Employs Grandmas Instead Of Chefs

My name is Marita and I come from Ecuador. My name is Habiba. I come from Algeria. I am Helena, and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. My name is Zina. I’m from Syria. My name is Diana. I am from Jerusalem, Palestine. Jody Scaravella: I’m the owner of Enoteca Maria, where we feature grandmothers […]

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