Amazon Marketplace – Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Kirt Moritz, Nayked Apparel

When I was growing up, my father was an attorney. And I would come home from school, approximately two p.m. in the afternoon, and he’d be in the swimming pool. I said, “Dad, why are you swimming in the swimming pool?” He says, “I’m self-employed. “I can do what I want to do, “and it’s […]

Let’s employ a lot of people – Joseph Bunga | Fuckup Nights Harare

you know I remember I bumped into taka for the first time in first you know a fantastic job getting back up going I think anyone who puts an effort into putting up going really amazing job please keep going incredible thing you guys are doing so anyway I bumped into at an event and […]

The Rise of the Gig Economy. Welcome to the Freelance Revolution!

Hi everyone, Assistant Professor Tanya Hertz here and we’re going to be talking now about the gig economy and the rise in the amount of workers who are actually working in this gig economy and the gig economy is Essentially A system in which Workers independent contractors freelancers are working on short term… engagements. They’re […]

Stanford Webinar – Fintech Revolution: How Disruptive Innovation is Transforming Financial Services

I would like to introduce today’s speakers. Larry Lagerstrom, who you’ll be hearing from later in this session, is the Acting Director of Academic Programs responsible for graduate education offerings. Today’s featured presenters are Bruce Wallace and Reetika Grewal from Silicon Valley Bank. Bruce Wallace is the Chief Digital Officer of Silicon Valley Bank Financial […]

Episode 12 – Managing your money

Episode 12, managing your money. wWelcome to the be your own boss podcast the young entrepreneurs guide to starting a business, whether you’re thinking about business for the first time or you have an idea that you want to develop then this is the podcast for you. I’m Mari and I’ll be guiding you through […]

నువ్వు నీ Dreamని Follow అయితే Money నిన్ను Follow అవుతుంది | Tirupati D | Josh Talks Telugu

Hiring Your First Employee as an Entrepreneur

You’re an entrepreneur. You just started a business and you’re asking that question everybody struggles with. Who do I hire first as my first employee? Do I hire somebody in sales, marketing, operations, accounting, finance, product development, legal. Who do I hire first? Now, before I answer that question for you, it’s a very simple […]

TEDxUW – Tanya De Mello – Here’s how you get a job at the UN

Translator: Deborah Oliveira Reviewer: Denise RQ Whenever people find out that I have worked in the United Nations and I have worked in war-torn countries, with refugees all over the world, the first question they want to know is, “How did you end up at the UN? Tell me how to get there. I am […]

Why Health Insurance is a Bad Reason Not to Start a Business

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about one of the number one things that I hear that I get asked about, and it’s funny that in the entrepreneurial world it’s not really talked about enough in my opinion. And that is health insurance. So a lot of people say, “Well, I would love to […]

Sell Your Ideas the Steve Jobs Way

[MUSIC] Good afternoon. Thank you, thanks for inviting me. Today I want to help all of you sell your ideas the Steve Jobs way. I’d like to call this the new rules of persuasive presentations. Because I think too, a lot of you, these techniques will be new, or at least maybe it’s a new […]

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