Personal Injury Claims Arising from Employment in Ireland

I’ve been asked there by a reader of my website my blog employment rights Aaron calm about taking a personal injuries case to the employment of healers tribunal the climate Appeals Tribunal does not deal with personal injury cases at Calais it can only deal with employment related claims to bring a personal injury claim […]

ACHIEVA Partnerships Improve Employment Outcomes

When people think of community they think of lots of different kinds of people living and working together and supporting one another so that everyone can be successful. The ACHIEVA staff are tireless champions of the program participants. They’re advocates for our students, they’re constantly encouraging everyone’s individual abilities and they’re really looking to create […]

AC Hub Roadshow – Employment Support Centre

[Jumping Jacks] Hi everyone my name is Geoffrey Kasonde and i’m back for another episode of the AC Hub Roadshow. On this episode of the roadshow we’re going to be talking to students to find out what they know about the job hunting process. I’m going to give you tools, tips and tricks and find […]

Employment Problem in Canada | HR Problem

What’s up guys? how are you doing today? welcome back to this YouTube channel look at that background isn’t that beautiful? there actually a couple of guys coming on motorcycle Look at that..! Woooh! I am currently shooting this video close to Canmore and it is beautiful today’s video I want to talk a little […]

Self Employment Tax Tips : Tax Tips for Temp Employees

Hi, I’m Tom Choisnet, enrolled agent. This section is about statutory employees which is an interesting moniker given to people who work out of their home in certain life insurance salesmen and other people who can deduct their expenses toward adjusted gross income much the same as I mentioned with qualified performing artists. I have […]

Integrated Competitive Employment Can be For You!

Andrew uses a phone app as a tool to help him throughout the day of work. “Here you go, the start of your work day!” “Don’t forget, when you unlock that door, put those keys back into your fanny pack!” Andrew Where do you work? Deeda Salon. Hair and makeup. How long have you worked […]

Gulfstream Goodwill Employment Services Testimonial

[music] This is Jarod Smith. He’s from Belle Glade. One of the things that I want to let you know that I do work in the Belle Glade/Pahokee area, and in my experience over the past two years, I have come across a lot of extraordinary young people willing to work. They’re very respectful. There […]

Open House at Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale

[Music plays while showing the Next-Steps Employment Centres logo, Operated by Toronto District School Board, and Funded by Employment Ontario] Next-Steps Employment Centre – Mississauga Meadowvale hosted and Open House on Nov 9, 2016 This location opened its doors only a few month ago to serve job seekers and employers in the area Gagan Sikand, […]

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