City of Malaga offers ‘the benefits of a modern city, but not the headaches’ | The New Economy

The New Economy: Malaga – Spain’s sixth-largest city – has been transforming itself into an innovative smart city. Home to one of the region’s most important technology parks, the opportunities for innovation and – of course – beautiful Mediterranean climate, have attracted people from over 150 different countries to make Malaga their home. Joining me […]

S. Korea to allow parents to take simultaneous childcare leave from Feb.

now it’s Monday and that means it’s time for our life and info segment where we focus on information we do hope we’ll be useful for your everyday life particularly if you’re in South Korea from early next year both parents that means mother and father will be allowed to take simultaneous childcare leave in […]

Tom Hadley from REC on halving the disability employment gap

Here at the REC we’re fully committed to playing our part in halving the disability employment gap. We think there’s a huge role for recruitment professionals and the recruitment industry to play within this context. We know that jobs transform lives and nowhere is that more important, more salient, than when it comes to reaching […]

John Kemp Shares Tips on Employment

The world of work provides freedom and liberty for people with disabilities especially. And we can never forget that employers are always going to need employees, they’re always going to have to have certain skills filled in their jobs. They can’t outsource everything and they can’t off-shore everything, unless they want to do a different […]

Employment Files – Justin Bowling

[Music] Justin Bowling works and attends college in Jackson, Kentucky. My name is Justin Bowling. I have been going to Lees, which is part of the HCTC [Hazard Community and Technical College] campus, since 2013, so that would make about six years I think. And it’s been pretty good; I mean my grades have been […]

Employment success

There are 140,000 blind and partially sighted people of working age in the UK, 66% of whom are unemployed. Action for Blind People believes employment is pivotal in enabling visually impaired people to be independent. It was a bit of a shock because I had gone from – my eyesight was never brilliant but it […]

VLOG – Stacey Connor on employment services and Signs Restaurant

Hello, my name is Stacey Connor, and I am an Employment Specialist here at the Canadian Hearing Society, CHS. You know that the International Week of the Deaf, IWD, is happening soon, and what’s very exciting, because one of the events will be an opportunity to come together with employers and the community to talk […]


For some reason when I first started my on-campus jobs, I wasn’t very forward thinking. They became bigger than what I thought they were going to be. I really enjoyed working with people at the University that had been around for a while. At the College of Design, I only worked with one person that […]

Gov. Asa Hutchinson Talks about Jobs for People with Disabilities in Arkansas

RESPECTABILITY: Governor, why is it important for people with disabilities to work? What are you doing about that? GOV. ASA HUTCHINSON: Because everybody, no matter of the disability or not, has a desire to work, a desire to contribute and to be meaningful in life and everyone is entitled to that. You want to give […]

Watch what mature age worker Drew did to improve her employability

Hi, you must be Madeline. Hi, I’m Drew, I’ll be taking you today. Can I sit in the front here? Absolutely! OK, let’s go. Got a pretty good tidal range today, about two and a half metres. So as you can imagine, the beach will look quite different at low tide, a lot of exposed […]

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