Nicola Martin – Principal, Employment Group, McCabe Curwood Lawyers. Written Warnings.

Hello and welcome to another Workplace Dynamics vlog. For those of you tuning in for the first time, my name is Nicola Martin and I am the Principal of the Employment group at McCabe Curwood. Today, I am going to talk about written warnings. All HR personnel will be familiar with written warnings. However, what […]

Personal Injury Claims Arising from Employment in Ireland

I’ve been asked there by a reader of my website my blog employment rights Aaron calm about taking a personal injuries case to the employment of healers tribunal the climate Appeals Tribunal does not deal with personal injury cases at Calais it can only deal with employment related claims to bring a personal injury claim […]

Deciding to Bring an Employment Claim to the WRC, Labour Court, or Court-the Factors to Consider

in my line of work in a regular week just a normal run-of-the-mill week I am frequently approached by employees who are considering bringing some sort of a claim against their employer the feel hard done by the field ill abused the feel ill treated are the field of unemployment right or breach a contract […]

Changing a Contract of Employment in Ireland

okay changing a contract of employment in Ireland many small business owners currently need to try to change the contracts of employment that they have in place for various employees for various reasons primarily because of the downturn in the economy and the need to try to reduce costs as much as possible the principal […]

3 Vital Areas of Irish Employment Law Prior to Hiring a New Employee

okay in this video I want to look at three areas that an employer needs a very careful about before granting an employment contractor before appointing somebody to a position those three areas are one the interview you need to be very very careful that in the interview you’re not asking any questions that may […]

Sunday Premium-the Compensation for Working on Sunday in Irish Employment Law

if you work on Sunday the organization of working time Act section 14 makes provision for a premium payment in respect of working on Sunday so section 14 basically says that you’re entitled to paid time off or an allowance if you work on Sunday and the allowance then can be an increased rate of […]

The Written Contract of Employment in Irish Employment Law-the Essentials

Feuer an employer or an employee you need to understand the obligations and entitlement in relation to a written statement of employment a written statement of terms of employment that’s what I’m going to cover in this video after this ok the terms of employment Information Act of 1994 ladies the employer to give a […]

How can you get out of your restrict covenants in your employment law contract? Ask the Expert

How can you get out of your restrict covenants in your employment law contract? Tosh Polpitye employment law solicitor will explain. So with restrict covenants you have got two choices as an employee; either: abide by them you don’t get out of them if they’re reasonable or you need to show why they’re not reasonable. […]

7 Critical Employment Law Obligations for Employers in Ireland

hello there if you are an employer in the irish marker then you face potential difficulties penalties and expensive claims by employees against you as an employer because there’s a quite a raft of legislation dealing with employment law in ireland and this video this short video is going to look at seven clinical areas […]

Studying Employment Law By Distance Learning at the University of Leicester – Marion

My favourite thing about Distance Learning Employment Law the Masters course at Leicester was the weekends, the study weekends when you got together with other people on the course and there was a wide variety of people and you worked together and you learnt a little bit about each other and worked collaboratively. And because […]

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