Top Employment Law Tips And Advice When Facing Redundancy

Clients can react very differently to news that they’re being made redundant. For some they may be delighted that the opportunity to move on somewhere else, for some others it may be absolutely devastating news in terms of uncertainty and what do they do next. Also employers can handle the redundancy process very differently. For […]

Are You Claiming Penalisation Under the Protected Disclosures Act? There is a Problem With WRC Form

I want to flag up a problem for you if you are looking to bring a claim to the WRC for penalization under the protected sources like 2014 you’ll see on the screen there the workplace relations complaint form and this is the standard form that you’re supposed to use when you are making a […]

Cooper’s Insurance Agency: TIP of the Week: Employment Law – Managers

Good morning! Welcome to Cooper’s tip of the week! I got a question for you, guys. Do you have one of those fantastic managers working in your restaurant that makes sure the customer experience and the restaurant is running smoothly? Are they doing non-managerial and employee tasks, such as serving or seating a customer, more […]

How california work comp cases settles – Stipulation and Award Settlement In Workers Compensation

hi my name is Michael Burgis I’m an attorney I wanted to take a brief moment to explain one particular way a workers compensation case can settle I get a lot of questions about this generally workers compensation settle in one of two ways either what’s called a stipulation an award or a compromise and […]

Nicola Martin -Principal, Employment Group, McCabe Curwood. Underpayment of Wages

Hello and welcome to the December edition of McCabe Curwood’s Workplace Dynamics vlog. For those of you new to this vlog, I’m Nicola Martin and I am the Principal of the Employment group at McCabe Curwood. In a recent vlog, I spoke about underpayments, or “wage theft” as it is now commonly referred to, and […]

Rights under the Canada Labour Code | Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers

Ontario Employment Law in 2018 – Key Themes and Highlights

I’m gonna go over three quick hitting topics. The Pay Transparency Act, WSIB Benefits for Chronic Mental Stress, and Continuing Compliance with what might be the dead Bill 148. One thing that I want to make very clear about the Pay Transparency Act is that it’s for Ontario based employers only. So, come January 1 […]

Time Limits to Bring Employment Related Claims to WRC or Labour Court

in today’s video I want to take a look at something that catches people out time and time again especially employees especially employees who wouldn’t be all that familiar or used to bringing legal claims or time limits that sort of thing so today I want to look at the time limits for bringing most […]

Should You Bring an Employment Claim to the WRC? Factors Employees Should Consider

in today’s video to address a question that’s regularly put me in my work as an employer employment lawyer and solicitor and that is should I bring a claim to the WRC in other words this is a question that it’s frequently asked of me by individuals coming in here for consultations they’re looking for […]

Employment Law In Ireland

hello and welcome to this video about employment law in Ireland my name is Terry gory and I’m a solicitor principle of Terry Gorean companies solicitors solicitors practice in kilcock in County Kildare many employees are facing employment difficulties in the current very difficult economic climate the reason for this is fairly simple businesses many […]

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