Working together on workload: planning

effective planning is obviously important for effective teaching but when teachers are asked to create overly detailed lesson plans with specific templates this distracts from meaningful planning and doesn’t contribute to better teaching your time should be spent on planning that is going to have a direct impact upon the quality of teaching don’t spend […]

Economic Systems & the Labor Market: Crash Course Sociology #29

A social institution that has one of the biggest impacts on society is the economy. And you might think of the economy in terms of numbers – unemployment numbers, GDPs, or whatever the stock market is doing today. But while we often talk about it in numerical terms, the economy is really made of people! […]

Building a Culture of Kindness With a Day of Service

>>Girl: How do you say “Welcome” in Spanish?>>Penny: Bienvenidos.>>Irina: In the seven years that we’ve done the Day of Caring, I’ve seen a huge growth in terms of students thinking outside of themselves.>>Girl: You get to experience happiness for helping someone else.>>Irina: At this stage of development, sixth, seventh and eighth grade, putting yourself in […]

Why Being a Conductor is The Hardest Job Ever

Whoa! Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin! We’re conducting! This is how modern people conduct. You ready? So today we are going to be reviewing some funny conducting clips, that show why… …conducting is the most difficult job, in the world. You think they just stand up there, and wave a stick around, and […]

National SENCO Workload Survey Discussion

Welcome to the launch of the National SENCO Workload Survey research findings. The National SENCO Workload Survey has been a joint project between nasen Bath Spa University and the NEU. I am Dr Adam Boddison Chief Executive of nasen and I’m joined here today by Dr Helen Curran Senior Lecturer from Bath Spa University Anne […]

Jobs Song for Kids | What Do You Do? | Occupations | Kindergarten, Preschool, ESL | Fun Kids English

What do you do? I’m a teacher. I’m a teacher. I’m a teacher. What do you do? I’m a teacher. Everybody say your ABCs. A-B-C-D-E! What do you do? I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor. What do you do? I’m a doctor. Everybody listen to your heartbeat! (Sound of a beating heart) […]

Working Together on Workload

I want teachers to spend their working hours doing what’s right for children and to reduce the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks. And I want to work with the profession, with school leaders, with the unions, with Ofsted, with everybody involved in education to make that a reality, and I do know there’s […]

Massage Experts: Employment

We really try to give students an overall view of what’s out there and what’s available for them. We have highly sought after guest lecturers that teach up-to-date treatment modalities. People in the community that are in this field, we have this connection with them through our instructors who know them. With our local connections, […]

Hands on The Future National TVET Skills Show 2019

My name is Elisha Bwatuti and I am an agricultural technologist. I never thought I would be in farming, my dad always wanted me to be an engineer. I wanted do something different and I found farming to be one of it. All those skills that I’ve gathered is now what I’m taking into the […]

After 10 years as a sex worker, Iman’s dream is to become a social worker | One Leg In, One Leg Out

(laughing) Gimme five. Gimme five. Gimme five. No, the right hand. Right hand, bitch.♪ Can y’all really see it from with me? ♪♪ Y’all ain’t up within my city ♪♪ Your screwface ain’t screw enough ♪♪ You would never make it here believe me ♪♪ Up in the north we don’t fuck around ♪♪ When […]

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