Massage Experts: Employment

We really try to give students an overall view of what’s out there and what’s available for them. We have highly sought after guest lecturers that teach up-to-date treatment modalities. People in the community that are in this field, we have this connection with them through our instructors who know them. With our local connections, […]

Hands on The Future National TVET Skills Show 2019

My name is Elisha Bwatuti and I am an agricultural technologist. I never thought I would be in farming, my dad always wanted me to be an engineer. I wanted do something different and I found farming to be one of it. All those skills that I’ve gathered is now what I’m taking into the […]

After 10 years as a sex worker, Iman’s dream is to become a social worker | One Leg In, One Leg Out

(laughing) Gimme five. Gimme five. Gimme five. No, the right hand. Right hand, bitch.♪ Can y’all really see it from with me? ♪♪ Y’all ain’t up within my city ♪♪ Your screwface ain’t screw enough ♪♪ You would never make it here believe me ♪♪ Up in the north we don’t fuck around ♪♪ When […]

Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

>>Tom: When we’re producing food, there’s that purpose and that brings relevance. It’s all about student engagement and by engagement, I’m not talking about just paying attention. I’m talking about like an emotional, psychological commitment to their learning.>>Anne: We’re always studying these things in the context of this classroom or in a textbook, and that’s […]

Mature-age worker engagement

Here’s some great news: People are living longer and healthier lives! But we’re likely to spend a big chunk of that extra time at WORK. In most developed countries, people of “working age” contribute funds that support the people who have retired. But as the population ages, there are fewer and fewer working age people […]

China’s New Surveillance Tech Monitors Workers’ Brainwaves

It’s safe to say that our private information isn’t private anymore. New technologies are collecting data to be sold or shared between companies… in sometimes questionable ways. Y’all really think that Black Mirror isn’t gonna happen? Well, it’s not GOING to happen. It’s already happening. Let’s start in China, where employers are monitoring their employees’ […]

Weird Places: The Lava Lake in Antarctica

Earth is covered in lakes. Mostly these are cool, watery affairs full of life and great for a relaxing vacation. Lava lakes are a little less serene: they’re scorching, seething pools of molten rock. They’re also pretty rare, outside of MineCraft permanent lava lakes only exist in a few places around the globe. One of […]

Child protective services needs to recruit better workers | IN 60 SECONDS

To improve our child welfare system, we have to improve the recruitment of the people working in it. Far too often, Child Protective Services seems to attract applicants who don’t have other career options, who don’t quite understand what the job is, and who don’t have the skills to accomplish it. Right now, child welfare […]

Long Shore Worker (Episode 20)

A modern ocean freighter can carry over 15,000 container loads of cargo. And getting them from the ship to the truck or train to you is the responsibility of today’s career: the long shore worker. You must be Glen. And you must be Brian. I am. Nice to meet you. A long shore worker does […]

Human Services Careers

If you enjoy helping other people transform challenges into personal success, you may have a bright future in human services. Our career cluster features five distinct service areas: consumer, counseling and mental health, early childhood development, and family community and personal care. Whatever your interest, preparing for a career in human services at a Wisconsin […]

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