How to find your DREAM Job when you feel STUCK in your Career 😕.

“Quit the job you hate” “Travel the world!” “Follow your passion” is what every ‘motivational’ Youtuber is trying to tell me these days. Bullshit. Then who will take care of my family? You? When I started my career in 2009, my only passion was to earn money because most of us are not born with […]

Land Your Dream Job in 2020 With 7 Steps

Hey cultivator, welcome back to my channel. So as a job search expert and career coach, one of the questions I get a lot is Emily, how do I land a job as quickly as possible in 2020 but not just any job? How do we land my dream job? So what I wanted to […]

How to Find Your Dream Job (in a Tech Company)

Hi everyone! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. Now if you have been struggling with getting interviews and job offers and you’ve been wondering whether it’s even possible for you to land your dream job then you’re in for a treat because today I’m talking to […]

How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Ivana Korom Wow, what an honor. I always wondered what this would feel like. So eight years ago, I got the worst career advice of my life. I had a friend tell me, “Don’t worry about how much you like the work you’re doing now. It’s all about just building your […]

Kids Describe Their Dream Job to an Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

– What time do you go to work in the morning? – Um, 12 o’clock. – 12 o’clock? Those are nice hours. (smooth music) – Hello, Koji. – Hello, SJ. And how are you today? – Good. – What’s your name? – Mackenzie – Nice to meet you, Mackenzie. – My name is Ernie. – […]

Om Nom Series: Magician | Dream Job | Funny Cartoon Videos For Babies – Kids TV

Om Nom Series: Magician

Jobs We Did Before Becoming YouTubers (and my fiancé’s current job) ~ Emi & Chad

Casually Explained: Finding a Job

Getting a job is a really important part of your life, so, I thought it would be a good idea to show what that process looks like for a lot of new workers. This place looks pretty good, I guess I’ll go check it out… Hello. Uh, I would like a job please. Uh, yeah, […]

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Job Success

Hey YouTubers! Jennifer Tardy here, your Career Success Coach, and you are back for another video on the Black Career Success YouTube channel. Today we’re talking all about how to link the law of attraction to your job search process. So there is a connection there. I’m gonna share with you six ways that you […]

Om Nom Stories – Farmer Dream Job | Funny Cartoon Videos by Kids TV

Om Nom Stories – Farmer Dream Job

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