World Disability Day Walk at Delhi

On 3rd December was World Disability Day. Organisations such as National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), National Association of Deaf (NAD) and American India Foundation (AIF) were involved They had conducted a walk to create awareness on world disability day. The NCPEDP has been doing this for the last 5 years. […]

Vocational Rehabilitation—the Best Kept Secret in SC

The history of South Carolina Vocation Rehabilitation goes back some ninety plus years. The mission statement is to prepare and assist eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment. People who would be made eligible for our services must have a mental or physical disability. That mental or physical disability must be […]

Tuesdays with Liz: Richard Davis Talks Employment First and More

Welcome to another edition of ‘Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All.’ Today we are going to be talking to Richard Davis, who is a policy advisor for the Office of Disability Employment Policy or ODEP. Before coming to ODEP, Richard worked for The Arc of Maryland and he was a LEND trainee. While the […]

Is employment equality working for disabled people?

News presenting – just one of the jobs being practiced by Andrew and Thomas from Wren Spinney Community Special School in Kettering… Our visit not quite a world exclusive on their weekly news show for pupils. Birthdays though are a regular feature. Aidan has an encyclopaedic memory for birthdays. His obsession with them made him […]

Employment Gap

♬ Upbeat music fades in ♬ K: This is Katrin with Disability Rights New York. Welcome to our podcast Empire State of Rights: Closed Captioned. We are here to bring you information on the most relevant topics regarding disability rights and advocacy. Although National Disability Employment Awareness Month concluded last week, we have one more […]

Employer 101 – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] Employer 101, What is Supported Employment ? Supported Employment is saying yes to Diversity And No to .. Misconceptions and Stereotypes Supported Employment is a free and confidential service to employers Supported Employment matches jobseekers with a disability to appropriate employment opportunities Where they can be a productive member of the team You will […]

Disability Advocates of Kent County

– Disability Advocates of Kent County’s mission is to work alongside people with disabilities so they can live self-directed lives, and to advocate for an accessible and welcoming community. – We have to be open to include as many people as we possibly can. That includes having access. That includes making sure that people aren’t […]

Juan: 2019 Brighter Futures Independence Award

– What the military gives you is a different view of things. It’s like a do or die mentality. Now matter what happens, adjust, find a way, get it done. (uplifting music) I grew up on the stories of the World War II heroes, so when the teacher would ask the class, “What do you […]

Nathan: 2019 Brighter Futures Upward Mobility Award

– [Man] We were told in Belgium that he was good to nothing. Kids like him doesn’t fit for that school. It was devastating. – And everyone around, they was not like my baby go to play with their child. (emotional cello music) I was rejected everywhere. And they was saying it was a curse. […]

Kevin Burke Speaks at TenneseeWorks Think Employment! Summit

It’s important for you guys to have a job, you know? Because it’s our time to shine It’s our time to shine Because we want that job We want to succeed We want to have a great future That’s what all of us want We’re not asking for it, we’re begging for it So please, […]

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