ACHIEVA Partnerships Improve Employment Outcomes

When people think of community they think of lots of different kinds of people living and working together and supporting one another so that everyone can be successful. The ACHIEVA staff are tireless champions of the program participants. They’re advocates for our students, they’re constantly encouraging everyone’s individual abilities and they’re really looking to create […]

Integrated Competitive Employment Can be For You!

Andrew uses a phone app as a tool to help him throughout the day of work. “Here you go, the start of your work day!” “Don’t forget, when you unlock that door, put those keys back into your fanny pack!” Andrew Where do you work? Deeda Salon. Hair and makeup. How long have you worked […]

Amber’s Employment Story YMCA East

[Water Splashing] That’s it. We’re doing it. Awesome. Amber is very capable of doing anything she wants to do. Great job. She’s a take-charge kind of gal and she is just a joy to have working with us here at the Y. Nice! Amber came to the Davis Y and began taking a Zumba class […]

Deaf Americans At Work: Closing The Employment Gap

♪♪ ♪♪ Hyland: While national jobless rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades, Americans who are deaf continue to struggle with high rates of unemployment. Hello, and welcome to “Comcast Newsmakers.” I’m Sheila Hyland. Despite advances in accessible technologies, only about two in five people with a hearing disability are employed full time. Joining […]

Let Aspire Indiana Employment Services help you get to work!

Hi! I’m Lori. About two years ago I called my VR counselor and asked if I could go to Aspire to help me find a job. I was a little nervous about going back to work, however, I knew that I was going to go back to work would help me meet new people and […]

Medical Evidence for an Employment Services Assessment – For General Practitioners

So your patient has come to you and asked you to fill out a Verification of Medical Conditions Form. Why do they need it? And why is it important? A Verification of Medical Conditions or SU684 form been developed for some patients who require medical evidence for an Employment Services Assessment. These patients are not […]

This cafe is providing people with disability meaningful employment

Well thirteen and a half years ago I knew nothing about disability I can assure you. I was serving over in the Solomon Islands with the Navy and we were out patrolling I guess sailors shouldn’t go ashore too often, but speared into a cave, fell down ten meters and shattered my spine, as they […]

VFPS and Employment: Making it Happen for People with Physical Disabilities

[ Music ]>>By far I think the biggest thing that has helped me in business is VFP meetings.>>I learned a lot about myself. I kinda felt like, hey, these guys are here to get me a job. So it’s my turn now and make sure I’m ready.>>You just don’t let your disability get in your […]

Integrated Customized Employment – A Way to Work for Everyone

So Customized Employment is a term used for doing just that customizing the relationship; the employment relationship. What we do is spend time to get to know people well. Really figuring out what’s going to work for somebody in employment. Where are their gifts and talents? What are their skills they’re going to bring? Where […]

Jobseeking Explained – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] What is Supported Employment ? As a job seeker with a disability are you finding it hard to get the job you want ? Supported Employement Services can help match you with the right job to suit your unique ability, skills and interests The job coach will meet you to get to know you […]

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