Integrated Competitive Employment Can be For You!

Andrew uses a phone app as a tool to help him throughout the day of work. “Here you go, the start of your work day!” “Don’t forget, when you unlock that door, put those keys back into your fanny pack!” Andrew Where do you work? Deeda Salon. Hair and makeup. How long have you worked […]

Amber’s Employment Story YMCA East

[Water Splashing] That’s it. We’re doing it. Awesome. Amber is very capable of doing anything she wants to do. Great job. She’s a take-charge kind of gal and she is just a joy to have working with us here at the Y. Nice! Amber came to the Davis Y and began taking a Zumba class […]

Customizing Employment: Strengths of a Sports Fan

>>APRIL LYNCH: Hello there. My name is April Lynch. And I work for VCU rehabilitation research and training center and today I will be talking about customizing employment and strengths of a sports fan. So just taking a look at the starting point of when I am first meeting my client, I am going to […]

WEBINAR: Promoting Employment – Discovering Your Potential Using Discovery

>>Good afternoon. Thank you for joining us for today’s webinar — Discovering Your Potential: Using Discovery to Identify Your Employment Goals. I am Elizabeth Jennings with the LEAD Center and I am pleased to have joining us today the two subject matter experts and presenters — Abby Cooper with Mark Gold Associates and Janet Steveley […]

Donald Trump on Employment Plan for Autistic Adults

JANE: What is your plan to help autistic adults like myself get employed? DONALD TRUMP: We’re going to work on it. I can’t really hear you, but we’re going to work on it. JANE: What is your plan to help autistic adults like myself get employed? DONALD TRUMP: We’re going to work on it. You’ll be […]

Integrated Customized Employment – A Way to Work for Everyone

So Customized Employment is a term used for doing just that customizing the relationship; the employment relationship. What we do is spend time to get to know people well. Really figuring out what’s going to work for somebody in employment. Where are their gifts and talents? What are their skills they’re going to bring? Where […]

Jobseeking Explained – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] What is Supported Employment ? As a job seeker with a disability are you finding it hard to get the job you want ? Supported Employement Services can help match you with the right job to suit your unique ability, skills and interests The job coach will meet you to get to know you […]

NDIS Stories – School Leaver Employment Supports

Max: A job really gives you something else. It gives you a bit of a purpose. It’ll pay you. You can see the long-term interest. You can start setting goals for yourself and it’ll help provide that motivation you need to go “That’s why I’m getting up in the morning”. Oni: Every single school week, […]

Better jobs for the disabled – Improving Access to Employment, El Salvador

One of the country’s challenges in achieving greater economic, social, and human development, is to change culture, which has historically devalued persons with disabilities. What is most complex are the preconceptions regarding the capability and human value of these people. People believe they are by nature a burden to society. As a response, USAID’s Program […]

Experiences and Employment of Veterans with Amputations

>>Good afternoon. I’m Amy Armstrong, Chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling at Virginia Commonwealth University. Welcome to our session today on exploration of employment barriers and skill enhancement. We have two of our colleagues with us, Dr. Carolyn Hawley.>>Hello. I’m Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling at Virginia Commonwealth University.>>I’m Benjamin Darter, […]

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