Employer 101 – What is Supported Employment?

[Music] Employer 101, What is Supported Employment ? Supported Employment is saying yes to Diversity And No to .. Misconceptions and Stereotypes Supported Employment is a free and confidential service to employers Supported Employment matches jobseekers with a disability to appropriate employment opportunities Where they can be a productive member of the team You will […]

ACE Transition Program – The Coffee Shop

I actually feel nervous right now running this cash register so I haven’t been able to do it for a while. So I’m still trying to pick it up. So we’re teaching them basically the same thing they’re learning in class Like we’re talking about being productive at work, having good workplace social skills, but […]

Customized Employment for Transition-Age Youth with Physical Disabilities

>>PAM HINTERLONG: Thank you for joining us today. I’m Pam Hinterlong. >>I’m Stephanie. I’m an employee at VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center. >>PAM HINTERLONG: Today we’ll talk to you about our customized employment research study. At the training center we have an exciting project that is looking at ways to improve the employment outcomes […]

The Effectiveness of Customized Employment for Transition-age Youth with Disabilities

>>Hello, welcome to today’s webcast, on the effectiveness of customized employment for transition age youth with disabilities. My name is Jennifer McDonough, and I’m the project director for our customized employment research project. Let’s start by looking at our training plan for today. First I’m going to give a very short overview of customized employment. […]

Achieving Competitive Customized Employment through Specialized Services (ACCESS)

>>TAMMY JORGENSEN SMITH: Hello, and welcome to this presentation on the ACCESS Research Study. ACCESS stands for Achieving Competitive Customized Employment through Specialized Services. I’m Dr. Tammy Jorgensen Smith. I’m with the University of South Florida, with the College of Community Health Sciences and the Department of Child and Family Studies. Okay. So we have […]

Participant Employment Strategy Launch

We’re here today launching the national disability employment strategy With the goal to get about 45,000 people with a disability into paid work over the next three years. Today’s a really good opportunity that people are recognising that employment is important for people with disabilities. My goal is to obtain part-time open employment, on an […]

Disability Employment Awareness Month 2016

♫ upbeat music ♫ We’re here today because it’s Ontario Disability Employment Month and this Tim Hortons employs a lot of people with disabilities. The Ontario Disability Employment Network is doing a number of things throughout Ontario to help support and promote Disability Employment Awareness Month. For instance, this is one of the events that […]

Customized Employment: Case Study Examples from the VCU-DRRP Research

>>JENNIFER MCDONOUGH: Hello, and welcome to our Webcast on customized employment. My name is Jennifer McDonough and I’m the project director for a research study that we’ll be discussing today. Today, we’ll do a quick overview of the foundation of the work that we’re presenting on, the research studies, specifically, that this work is covered […]

Portia Wants a Job: Living with a learning disability

My name is Portia. I am 21 years and I want a job. Mum: Hello. Portia: Hi. Mum: Are you ready? What you got there? Portia: My CV. Mum: Thinking about the meeting this afternoon? Portia: Yeah. I’m going to Farmers to see if I have a job or not. That will mean a step […]

Teal Sherer Talks About Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

Hi, I’m Teal Sherer a professional actress with a disability. I see my wheelchair as an advantage that makes me unique and gives me an edge but people with disabilities often face discrimination in the search for a job. NTI helps Americans with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans be a part of the workforce by providing […]

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