Labor Markets and Minimum Wage: Crash Course Economics #28

Adriene: Welcome to Crash Course Economics, I’m Adriene Hill, Jacob: and I’m Jacob Clifford, and today we’re going to talk about labor markets, a pretty important topic. Adriene: Unless you’re independently wealthy, or fine with living in your parents basement, you probably need to get a job. But how do you even get a job? […]

Work Search – Where Can I Find Out Which Jobs are in Demand?

Hi, I’m Stacie with ALIS, the Alberta Learning Information Service. Are you wondering where to find information about jobs currently in demand? You can find information about jobs currently in demand in several ways. Labour market information, job banks, career and job fairs, TV, news, or newspaper articles, or service centres around the province. Labour […]

Finance: What is Above Full Employment Equilibrium?

Finance a la shmoop what is above full employment equilibrium? question wouldn’t full employment mean that everyone who wants a job is employed wouldn’t that be full employment well no it’s a government statistics so full isn’t [Government worker in office] really full it’s you know full-ish and full is probably impossible anyway because there […]

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