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When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian or run a zoo. I think my love of animals really inspired me to become a full-time photographer. I was self-taught in photography so I didn’t go to college for it. It took a lot of practice, photographing different subjects — but obviously the animals […]

World Disability Day Walk at Delhi

On 3rd December was World Disability Day. Organisations such as National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), National Association of Deaf (NAD) and American India Foundation (AIF) were involved They had conducted a walk to create awareness on world disability day. The NCPEDP has been doing this for the last 5 years. […]

Overview of Service Animals

>>ANN DESCHAMPS: Welcome to a conversation about service animals. My name is Ann Deschamps and I am joined by Nancy Horton. We are from the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center and together we are going to talk about what the Americans with Disabilities Act says about service animals. We know the ADA is a comprehensive piece of […]

DEAFGPS: Pursuing Opportunities

Hello! I’m Dawn Jani Birley with H3 World TV. In this DeafGPS report, we discuss how Deaf people experience employment challenges and avenues that Deaf people pursue to find ways to support themselves and their families. Changes in employment trends and reluctance of hearing employers to hiring Deaf people present stumbling blocks to finding work. […]

Video Interpreting Public Service Announcement

Hi, I’m John Maucere. ASL is my first language. I’ve used interpreters throughout my entire life. Over the past few years, there has been an expanded access to interpreting services. There’s even a new service, video interpreting, which is different from live, in-person interpreting. I would like to share a personal experience that I had […]

[Auslan] Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) Explained

I’m here to give you some information about EAF. EAF is the Employment Assistance Fund. Some people are a little confused as to what the funding is, so I’d like to take some time to explain that to you. EAF is funding to support deaf and hard of hearing people within the workplace, so that […]

Self-Adovacy, Person-Directed Planning, and Self Determination

>>Transition refers to the time in which a student becomes an adult and the discussion about what you will be doing post-graduation. Transition begins at school. It involves you, your parents, your teachers, and the team to discuss what you’d like to do after graduation. It’s important to understand both your needs and wants. Keep […]

Communication Access Realtime Translation: CART Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

NARRATOR: Communication Access Realtime Translation also known as ‘CART’ is available to deaf and hard-of-hearing people who seek an alternative to American Sign Language interpreting – or ASL – or reliance on assistive listening devices. CART is an advanced and accurate trans- lation method that uses a human captioner assisted by computer-based captioning technology to […]

Employment Tip: Applying to a job…

The U.S. Census looks at what kind of jobs people have across the U.S. Their data shows that deaf people mostly work in five areas: manufacturing, medical, retail, construction, and professional services like accounting, consultation, legal services, real estate, and insurance. When you apply for a job, make sure you follow the job description on […]

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