POLITICAL THEORY – John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes was a political economist of extraordinary optimism and vision who believed that governments have it in their power to solve some of the greatest ills of capitalism. Keynes refused either to believe in communism, or in the utter wisdom of the unfettered free market. Instead, he occupied a middle course, believing that […]

What is Meant by Prevailing Wage? Employment Attorney Adam Gonnelli Explains

If you’re a worker or a tradesman, and working on government job, you may have heard the phrase ‘prevailing wage.’ Let’s talk about what that means exactly. My name is Adam Gonnelli and I’m an employment attorney. In the field of government contracting, a series of regulations were passed to make sure that workers were […]

Better jobs for the disabled – Improving Access to Employment, El Salvador

One of the country’s challenges in achieving greater economic, social, and human development, is to change culture, which has historically devalued persons with disabilities. What is most complex are the preconceptions regarding the capability and human value of these people. People believe they are by nature a burden to society. As a response, USAID’s Program […]

Delaware State Jobs – Find Your Career in HVAC

If you like a challenge you will like it here, you’ve worked hard to get your master HVACR and your universal CFC certification. HVAC technology has had some exciting changes in the past few years and we need your talent to complete our team. The Division of Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining more the […]

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